I tried Xzen 1200 Gold a few days ago, and I have to say I probably will not be trying another. I took it around 6 PM on an empty stomach and didn’t feel anything for the rest of the night. The next day, I wasn’t any more horny, but I suppose a bit better erection with flushing in the face and feeling warm overall. The day after that, I experienced an absolutely horrible headache that lasted another 1.5 days.
I never get headaches, but if that is what people get when they say they have headaches/migraines, I really feel sorry for them. It was really bad. Anytime I had to stand or sit down, the change in body elevation would make me dizzy. I could constantly feel my pulse in my head, and it hurt about 80% of the time. Any sort of increase in heartrate would make my head hurt even more.

Just looking at the ingredients list, I sort of knew those side effects can happen, but man, those days were not fun. It was definitely not worth the slight increase in random hard ons I got; they were just mechanical, anyway, so not fun to have. Worth a try, I guess.

I may try tadalafil or Vigrx Plus. Thanks for letting me know.