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Where to buy Arginine


It made mine a bit yellow as well. You need to take the stuff on an empty tummy for your system to be able to utilize the stuff. It helps a lot if you pinch your nose shut while drinking the powder, then rince your mouth out before un-pinching your nose.

I don’t know who will/won’t ship to the land of Oz so no help on that.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Crap, forgot to add to the last post.

Dacord, please read the forum guidelines when you get a chance. Look for the section on capitalizing “I” as well as the first letter of the first word in every sentence.;) Lots of the guys are not native English speakers and our anal retentiveness about grammar and spelling makes a big difference in their ability to figure out what the heck we are saying.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Guys… of the fundamental rules of bodybuilding is NEVER buy anything from GNC. They literally inflate their prices by more than 50% on some products. I’ve seen jugs of protein powder there that cost $43, which I’ve gotten from other stores for $25.

Buy the stuff online. or are two of the best.

Wow you guys pay alot for that stuff. In Canada here I can get 90/500mg capulses for $15cdn.

Originally Posted by Big Shooter
Wow you guys pay alot for that stuff. In Canada here I can get 90/500mg capulses for $15cdn.

But to get to a 5 or 6 gram dose, as is recommended, you’d have to take 10 or 12 capsules per dose. If you want to do two doses per day, you’re looking at 20 to 24 pills daily. So that’s about a 4 day supply for 15 bucks.

The stuff ain’t cheap:D


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