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Vitamin E


Men should not supplement iron. As previously mentioned, it accumulates in your body and is bad for your heart. Men generally get all the iron they need from their diets, especially if your diet includes meat. Any mens supplement that is any good does not include iron in the mix.

Well, I went 8 months as a vegetarian and have had my stint with anorexia. So maybe my iron count is lower than most. I don’t eat beef or pork (aside from hard salami on occasion). I sometimes have turkey or chicken and I often have fish. What’s the iron content of those? Also, do you support his idea on blood donation?

Vitamin E is good to get rid of iron….I have read (Dr.Pezzi)

Originally Posted by dansan

Vitamin E is good to get rid of iron.I have read (Dr.Pezzi)

Link to proof, Dan-sama? O_|)


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