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VitalMan pills for man's health

VitalMan pills for man's health

After reading about Damiano herb and it’s impact on our balls I looked up for some pills with it that are accessible in my city (I live in Eastern Europe so it’s not always easy to get things, you - Americans - seem to use on a daily basis ;) ).

And I found one interesting compilation - VitalMan by Calivita, which is quite interesting.

It costs about 18 Euros (27 USD) and contains 60 pills. The components are:

1. Siberian Ginseng 100 mg
2. Guarana Extract 100 mg
3. Muira Puama 100 mg
4. Maca Root 50 mg
5. Sarsaparilla Root 50 mg
6. Nettle 50 mg
7. Catuaba Berries 25 mg
8. Damiana Leaf 50 mg

What do you think of it? Do you think it has a good price? Has anyone on this forum tried it yet? Has anyone of you tried to use some of it’s components regularly and what were their effects?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and pieces of advice! :)

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It seems nobody has ever tried it and thus there are no opinions. What a pity. :P

The items you list are a bit on the unusual side, so you probably won’t get much in the way of replies.

Have you tried a Googgle search on this - or these. That will probably be your best course to follow.

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Sorry nobody could give you a review. I think it a bit pricey but don’t know how available other options are for you. I think you would need to take 10 or more of those pills at one time to get enough Damiana in your system to do anything.

Balls’ issues Take a look at the links that west gives for an idea of how much Damiana the guys take in one day to get results.

Have you emailed swansonvitamins to see if they can ship to where you are?

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Yeah, almost definitely a waste of money for most of the ingredients. 50mg of Maca will do nothing, Guarana extract just contains caffeine.

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Nettle Root extract is incredible for increased testosterone. Yet 50mg of “Nettle”(I assume it’s nettle leaf) will do nothing.

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I can tell you that some of those doses are too small to have any effect, such as damiana. The damiana supplement i have has 1.02 grams in each capsule. Unless that is an extract, it probably won’t do anything. I’m not sure if I like Damiana yet anyway, but i only tried it a couple of times.

OK, thanks guys for your advice. I’m not buying it. Too costy.

If they upped all ingredients to 100mg each it could be useful in a heavy duty routine with short breaks but otherwise from a herbalist point of view it doesn’t quite reach the bar.

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