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Vanadium sulfate, is one of the natural hypoglycemics I take for blood sugar control, but it is also good for lean tissue hypertrophy and losing fat. I lost over 25 pounds this year that the insulin put on, and it was’ not muscle, I am where I was three years ago when I was DX with Diabettes.

Has anyone had any luck with Vanadium in the way of, muscle gains, Fat loss, and the lowering of blood pressure, and blood triglycerides?

It also improves athletic performance. I started taking 5-15mg per day about a year ago. I was so tired I could hardly walk down the 1000 ft driveway w/o gasping for air a year ago, now I walk 45-60 minutes aday 4-5 days a week and I do strength training exercises, two days a week.

213lbs down to 188. At one time I weighed over 270lbs, I did not want to return to that number due to insulin use. And I actually take less insulin now due to Vanadium and it insulin like qualities.

Any body builders or diabetics out in Thunderplace had similar results from taking Vanadium.

Oh by the way I don’t count calories, in fact I eat too many to lose weight by traditional weight Wathchers or Jenny Craig standards, I consume 2500-3500 calories per day. And I’m still losing weight. I just stay away from white carbs as much as possible.

To update I now weigh 174 lbs and my glyco-hemaglobin is a mere 4.2.

My doctor say’s it is almost too low. Normal is 6.0


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