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Trying "Reviva" for discoloration

Trying "Reviva" for discoloration

I’ve been reading and asking around trying to find something that might ease some of the darker discoloration along the sides of my Dick Cheney. I’ve settled on “Brown Spot Skin Lightening Night Cream” by Reviva. I’ve read more positives than negatives on this product. I plan to give it a go for a couple of months and will report results back here since I know most others would like to combat discoloration.

Let us know how it works

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Keep us updated, bro

Learned a hard lesson the other night. The Reviva cream is massaged into Dick just before I go to bed. The stuff reminds me of soap in that it lathers up a bit. A little dab will do you. Spreads easily and soaks into the skin fairly soon afterwards. However, I learned this stuff stays on Dick for at least 24 hours.

After the kids went to bed my wife came to the couch, straddled me, I took the hint, and we were laying in front of the new mirror. As I watched her ride Dick in the mirror, I thought to myself, “She is horny tonight!” I could see the white puss cream all over my dick … or so I thought. After the wrestling match had ended, it was not long before she was complaining of what she thought was a urinary track infection. She was burning. Afterwards I thought about what she said, what I saw in the mirror all over Dick, and I realized the Reviva cream was still on my dick. It had been 24 hours since I rubbed it in, but the moisture from Puss caused the cream to lather up again.

Now that is something else. Never thought this cream would remain so long. I think it may suggest something about its usefulness. Anyway, I did not tell my wife. I just took it as a lesson learned and will be sure to wash next time.

As for results, I told myself I would make no comments for a couple of weeks, but I will go ahead and say that the overall color of Dick is better. Some of this may be due to less time spent clamping, but I’ve been on this slower course before with no noticeable changes in color. This morning I was looking at Dick and immediately moved to a brighter light. The dark coloring along the sides was smaller and less noticeable. Again, the overall color is better.

Is it from the cream alone? Don’t know, but I’ll report back in a few more weeks. In the mean time, if you try this stuff be sure to wash it off your dip stick before sticking it in the crank case.


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Any more news on this Marty?

Not sure. I am no longer using it consistently. Have plans to give it another go this summer because …

In the past when I have taken an extended clamping break the discoloration did not fade. After using Reviva for about a month I took another scheduled break from clamping. The color of my dick was noticeably lighter. I thought it might be the break, but thought back and remembered how nothing seemed to change with breaks in the past. All I can say is that MAYBE the Reviva had a positive effect on the color, one that did not really stand out until a break.

Now don’t go out a buy a bottle based on my short experience. I’m going to try to apply consistently for several months this summer and see what happens and then offer a more solid conclusion.


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