Transdermal L-Arginine

I’ve been looking into this stuff pretty intensely lately, and I think there may be some PE use for it.

One particular company (Strategic Science & Technologies, Inc) is marketing it for various applications. They have a multiple patents (see here) for their transdermal arginine.

It seems, initially, they were targeting diabetics, specifically for their feet. Evidently, diabetics have cirulation problems with their feet.

These guys came up with a simple transdermal solution to get L-Arginine into the tissue. Once there, their study (WebMD’s article on the study) indicates
it raises the temperature pretty dramatically, due to the arginine’s
effect on Nitric Oxide, eplained here:
L-Arginine is the substrate of nitric oxide synthase, the enzyme which produces nitric oxide. Nitric oxide controls local blood flow by activating the production of cyclic-GMP. Cyclic-GMP in turn, causes the relaxation of the small blood vessel walls allowing blood to flow at its natural levels. (More info here)

So now, they market it for diabetics, both male and female sexual uses, hair growth, etc, anything where increased blood flow would be beneficial.

Me, being the PE addict I am, looked at the PE uses for this. Perhaps it would help with the coldness I get from hanging. Increased blood flow might also aid in healing.

So, I bought some, mostly to try on the wife, but also for PE. Unfortunately, she came down with a virus the same day it arrived, (my whole life is like this, don’t get me started). But I did dab a little on myself prior to my PE session, and after about 20 mins, noted a very pleasant warming sensation, and this lasted throughout my session.

Since the ingredients for their transdermal delivery are not complex, and you can purchase pure L-Arginine powder and liquid, I’d bet you can make this stuff for 1/10th the price.

Just passing this on to the PE community. Might be of interested to some.

More info:
(scroll down to the paragraph on L-Arginine)

One place to buy this stuff:

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