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Tongkat Ali, Where to Buy in Kuala Lumpur

Tongkat Ali, Where to Buy in Kuala Lumpur

Hi There!

I’m sorry Guys I’m asking this Question here,Right Now I’m traveling Malaysia and I’m in Kuala Lumpure now and will go back my country on 11 th feb in the morning,

I heared so much about Tongkat Ali, Can you please recommend From where I shoud I buy in Kuala Lupure Original and good Tongkat Ali?

If anyone will suggest me I will so Thankful to him /her

Thank you so much in Advance

I suggest you to get an extract 50:1 .this means 1gram corrispond to 50 grams non extracted tongkat ali..

Per day take 50-100 grams tongkat ali.that’s why you need the you just have to take 4-+5 caps

Here are results from google searches.

According to this tourist’s account, soft drinks with TA are widely advertised in Kuala Lumpur.…04/asia04.html:

One of these plants turned out to be Eurycoma longifolia, or Tongkat Ali, Malaysia’s best-known medicinal plant. A “Tongkat” is a walking stick. “Ali” is a comon name in Malaysia, like we would say, “Joe”. So the name “Tongkat Ali” means means something like “Joe’s Big Woodie”. One of it’s properties, my friends explained, was to increase blood flow, with the natural result that a guy should get a large, prolonged erection. Once I learned the word, I was to recognize it on billboards in KL for soft drinks made from this plant. It appeared to be used like ginseng, an energy boost. Furthermore, there is a companion plant for women, called in Malay, “Kacip Fatima”. Again, “Fatima” is a common female name in Malaysia, like Sue. And “Kacip” means “to grasp” or “pliers”. Since Kacip Fatima is supposed to create some sort of muscle contractions, the name could possibly be translated as “Suzie’s tight little grabber”. So now you know.

So, I’d imagine it’s easy to find in markets and stores. If the powder is not obviously available, I’d buy a can of the soft drink, and then go into a shop that looks like it would sell the herb, and attempt to ask for the power by showing them the can, gesturing in an awkward way, and generally making a fool of yourself. It might work, eventually.

Some of these appear to be stores in KL or nearby that might sell the stuff:

Call the number on the left side here and see if they sell it locally:

Oh, never mind. You’re back in India by now, and I got an interesting little virtual visit to Malaysia.

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