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Thickening Bones - HGH or something Else?

Thickening Bones - HGH or something Else?

Hello all. I’ve been mostly a lurker but have posted a couple times when I’ve had concerns and I appreciated the responses. I’m hoping to get a few more opinions here.

I just started looking at a bit of info on HGH. From what I understand, it’s pretty safe at low doses and the problems occur when the doses are high, such as
— Acromegaly
— Premature death (in case of acromegaly)
— Heart enlargement (due to prolonged use of HGH. Can’t be reversed)
— Low blood sugar with risk of going into a diabetic coma
— Excessive hair growth all over the body
— Excessive water retention
— Liver damage
— Thyroid damage

Horrible things. The reason for my curiosity in HGH is that I have skinny-ass stupid looking fingers. The spread of my hands I am satisfied with, normal size, but they’re just skinny, skinnier than most girl hands really (especially in the morning when I’m cold). Seeing that HGH assists in repairing tissue and whatnot, I’m curious if combined with PE it may provide some assistance in that area as well.

So under lower doses (similar to what a doctor may prescribe), would there be a possibility of increasing the thickness of my hands (fingers in particular) when combined with weight training? If not HGH, is there something else that may help with that?

Any input on this would be appreciated, thank you.

Completely unnecessary. Consider hand strength training (Captain of Crunch grippers, etc.). There are some good forums online with people completely dedicated to developing extremely strong hands. With the strength increase you can expect thicker fingers, it’s almost unavoidable.

Take the amino acid GABA. Safest alternative to actual HGH. It causes your body to produce large amounts naturally. Google it if you want.

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Originally Posted by LongVehicle
Completely unnecessary.

I forgot to mention that increasing HGH production or taking it exogenously will probably not thicken your fingers noticeably. What I posted is likely the only solution, I think.

Thanks for the replies. It seems that hgh wouldn’t have the effect I’d want. All the references to growth are about Acromegaly…

Hand exercises are the best and safest route. When ever you exert enough force, you usually put stress on the bones as well. Usually your bones will thicken to accommodate to the new stress.

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