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Testosterone Boost ???????


Originally Posted by L born XXL buried
Crazy!!! You know, Body Builders really spend some thoughts on cycling and coming down from cycles by using clomiphene. But here you just get proposals like “use some dermabolic…”. And bitch tits are not the first thing to worry about, it’s the body’s own testosterone levels after having messed with this and that.

It was recommended that he have Nolvadex on hand. We have all heard of Post cycle therapy man. Also, he could have been meaning for long term use. Many people choose to use 4-AD long term at a lower dosage for a cheaper testosterone therapy.

Originally Posted by somedick54

Just how old is old so that you feel close to death?! I wouldn’t wnat to be the cause of your discomfort! (How do I insert the smiley face?)

You do the smiley face by putting a : and a )

I dunno really, I just thought it was a funny line :)

The problem is that your body constantly aromatizes testosterone into estrogens because estrogens are byproducts of the testosterone conversion process. Now that isn’t a problem if your testosterone levels are within the normal range, because balanced levels of estrogen are very important for male health in several ways. However, large amounts of estrogen are harmful to male health, so increasing testosterone levels above the normal range, by what ever means, places importance on actively keeping the estrogen levels in the normal range.

All men who are aproaching middle age should take an active role in balancing their estrogen levels, as aging men’s estrogen levels start to rise, lowering testosterone production and can actually block testosterone from reaching the testosterone receptor sites in cells. It is a cause of premature aging and many age related degenerative deseases.

Use a topically applied Chrysin/Di-indole-methane formula, such as Anti-Estrogen SportsCream by MedLean. Chrysin taken orally has little effect. It must be topically applied.

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Have you tried the Ring of Power or ball zinger?


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