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That damn 10 min edit dead line sucks. I wanted to say that I was not saying that pineapple being extremely acidic has anything to with anythng other than being bad for the teeth. I have no idea why you said “all fruits are acidic. That has nothing to do with the positive digestive properties of the enzyme in pineapple.” I didn’t say it did, I didn’t impy it did and I also didn’t even think it did. You really like to misinterpret and misquote. I know all fruits are acidic westla, I said extremely acidic. Pineaplle is one of the most acidic fruits there is. So I made the point of telling people to wash their mouth out after eating it.

Westla, your constant misinterpretation of everything I say is making this thread unbarably monotonous.

“My friend might be wrong about the other case, who knows. I never see him anymore so it is hard to know exactly why he said it.”

And yet you carry on disagreeing with me about things I already said my friend might have been wrong about. This is bringing back memories of your posts to me questioning chi. You don’t like to listen westla. You would ask me questions even though you made it clear you wouldn’t hold any value in my answers. Why ask in the first place if you aren’t going to listen? Now I say my friend might be wrong and yet again, you don’t listen. You keep arguing your case as if I am still in disagreement. I said he might be wrong. I don’t know what more you actually want.

I am sure you will continue disagreeing with me in some way, even though I won’t be returning any posts back in this thread from now on. I can’t say I like you much but I am willing to back down and let you have your say last. God knows what misquotes and misinterpretations lie in store. I am sure you will manage some how to twist things around, lol.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

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You don’t have to like me. O:-)

Have a nice day. :boogie:

P.S. Please use the built-in spelling check before posting. ;)

Originally posted by Gottagrow
Both kiwi fruits and pineapple have a chemical in them that slowly eats away the lining of your gut and intenstines. They are unsuitable for regular consumtion.

This is what you said. Any reasonable reader, knowing little about pineapple or kiwi, would assume, if this were true, that their intestines are in danger if they eat these fruits.

This isn’t what you meant, it is what you said.

Papaya, from which some meat tenderizers are made, contains also a powerful chemical compound. However, kiwi, pineapple, and papaya are perfectly safe for regular human consumption as has been proven by the fact that we here in the Pacific who eat these things regularly are on the whole relatively healthy.

The point I am trying to make to you, Gotta, is: Don’t back out when somebody disagrees with you or offers other points of view. This is a discussion forum, so please keep discussing and an open mind. It’s how we all learn. Here, anyway.




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