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Supplements to increase the lady's sex drive?

Supplements to increase the lady's sex drive?

OK, we have a little problem here. My girlfriend of several years is finding it difficult to become physically aroused. We believe it may possibly have something to do with this article: Birth control pill may kill woman’s horniness

She’s been on the pill for a couple of years. She says she wishes she could become more physically aroused for me, since my sex drive is some order of magnitude larger than hers, and of course she wants to be “on” for me, as well as be able to enjoy herself more in the act. I also hate to feel that I am “using” her for my own gratification and don’t want her to start to think this also. I also find it discouraging when it takes assloads of effort (on both parts) for her to have one simple orgasm.

I’ll say it clearly - she does not have any major psychological disorders or depression which would have this kind of adverse effect. She is not on any medication or any any significant stress. She is not vastly overweight. We can find no external reason to blame this on.

It’s not that she is not mentally into it, but her body does not want to respond, usually it will take quite a long time and a fair amount of effort to prepare her for the act itself. It seems a fair bit longer than it used to take. She sometimes lubricates very little, and if it weren’t for my copious pre-cum, I would not even get inside her without the aid of the tube of stuff…

Rather, the problem more specifically, is that her libido seems to come in infrequent waves - she will slowly build up her desire over the course of days or weeks, and then once in a while jump me. Day to day, it is a very weak response though. She is perfectly happy to go days and days with no physical contact, which upsets me because I am a very physically intimate person (in and out of the bedroom) and she does not feel the desire to reciperocate. It seems for her to get truly horny, we need to be physically seperated for up to a week. She is only in her early 20’s.

I should also mention, that when she is really horny, she can cum in as little as 5 minutes from getting undressed with minimal foreplay if any. During these times she feels extremely hot inside and also gets very wet.

If we can’t find a solution to this, then I guess we will have to try out a few alternatives, like maybe quitting the pill to see if it helps.

I’ve read a bunch of info on various herbal supplements etc, and they all seem to be miracle cures, mostly for the male side of things. They all claim to increase testosterone, which is supposedly the important libido hormone. I have restricted my reading to this place alone since all the supplement sites out there have a financial interest in selling it to me, obviously, so they become less credible in my eyes… I need independant verification.

I was wondering if any guys out there had had any positive experiences with any particular products or plants, that their partners had luck with and maybe incresed their drive at least somewhat?

I suggest she go to a sexual health clinic and get her hormones checked. Testosterone is the primary hormone of arousal in both men and women. If hers is low, that could explain the low sex drive.

I think taking a medical approach is far safer than using supplements. Women need to have enough T, but too much can be a problem. Using a medical approach will ensure that her levels are kept in the proper range.

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Secjay, before you put her on any supplements you need to find what is causing her low libido, i.e. the cause of the problem. After you find the cause you can eliminate it and treat it.

Like ModestoMan said, I suggest she goes to an endocrinologist and run a full hormonal test.

It’s probably the pill that’s causing her problems by messing up/unbalancing her hormones. So in my opinion the best thing would be to visit a specialist and review the situation with him

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Just be ready if she does go off the pill with the way you drip pre-cum your going to have to find a new birth control method or your going to have to wrap the sausage. Good luck Bro I wish I had a solution for you but it’s a bit of a pickle because it’s really nice when two people are compatible in physical needs, when one person has more needs than another it just always leads to some kind of trouble.

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Modesto, Joystick, thanks for pointing out the obvious to me.

Just so fixated on solutions that we have not yet defined the cause of exactly.

I wonder if she can just talk to her regular doctor for a referral to somebody? She had a blood test recently for an unrelated thing, but I don’t think they did any hormonal checks. (it was screening for a diease that runs in the family, came up negative)

There is a pathology center place nearby where she had blood taken, I wonder if they can do that kind of hormone analysis as well? Or should we start looking up in the phone book for a proper endocrinologist?

Dino - pre-pill, we used condoms religiously except for a couple of times we slipped it in “just for a while” because we both fucking hate the rubbers, and it feels too good.

In fact, I think that if we had to go back to using them, I would have great difficulty in even getting, let alone staying hard. :(
She plans to go off the pill within a matter of years for many reasons, and this incident could be a large motivator for that also. Might have to go looking for alternatives such as the male pill, patches, et al.

What makes you think a bunch of precum is a risk, anyways? For me, the clear stuff starts flowing from the word go, even before I get wood, and keeps flowing in literally a big drop every few seconds or so, until I cum….. I know it can contain sperm, but I really don’t think so in those initial flows?


I am told that most doctors aren’t really informed about the proper hormone balance needed for arousal. It’s kind of a new field and there is still a lot of controvery. Best to go to a sexual health clinic, if you can find one near you.

Here’s an article that might help to get you started:…rticlekey=40875

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Thanks for the article MM.

She decided that it almost definitely is the pill stuffing around with her hormone levels and ratios. She wants to try and exercise, and exercise her genitals, more frequently in order to stimulate desire.

If that fails, we will have to go some other route, but for some reason (ie shyness) she is opposed to seeing a sex type doctor. She gets embarrassed enough going to the gyno for a check up, and was even hesitant about walking into a health/drug store and buying any kind of supplement or herb!


From what I heard the precum has the most sperm so be careful Mr leaky

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

DHEA is available over the counter. You can buy it here in the states at Costco. I’m sure Shiver will correct me when he comes back from vacation, but I believe DHEA is a natural precursor to testosterone. Taking that alone may produce the desired effect.

However, my recommendation as you know is to go the medical route and have levels checked regularly.

When T is too low, people lose their sex drive. They also tend to be easily fatigued and mentally sluggish (at least, this is what I’ve heard—DOn’t know if it’s been confirmed so it might be BS).

When T is too high, it can cause proliferation of body hair, facial hair, enlargement of the clitoris, deepening of the voice, pattern baldness, and other nasties. So, clearly it’s a matter of dosage. THe levels need to be right. Hence my recommendation to involve a doc.

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