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Supplement 'Experiment'

Supplement 'Experiment'

Has anyone on these forums ever considered doing a controlled experiment to test the use of various vitamins/supplements used in PE to see which one came up as most effective? Obviously it would be pretty hard to tell, but if people agreed to take one common component of penis enlargement pills alongside their routine and noted if there was any change, the results would certainly make interesting reading.

Yep, I’m all for that. I was planning to give l-arginine a go. I’ve heard quite a bit about the way it increase blood flow and should assist in PE performance. Let me know if you decide to start an experiment - I’ll be in it.




Thought about it, but I like overdosing on C too much to give it up for PE. It helps me in the rest of my life, like not getting sick, and recovering very quickly from lifting.


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Vitamin C Megadoses

I’ve heard quite a bit about that. In fact, there’s a number of doctors I know who take the pure crystal form of Vit C (Ascorbic Acid). I myself take 1-2 g of Vit C a day - 1 Berroca and 1000 mg in a standard tablet. From what I have heard, you can take as much as possible to the point you start getting diarhorrea (the runs) - some are more tollerant and can handle 5-6g of Vit C.

I’m taking L-arginine to increase blood flow and also to increase wound recovery (I’m poor in both).

I’ve been using v-C for years and found that anything over about two grams at a time is overkill since that portion not absorbed by the body is rather quickly eliminated through urine. I take 500 mg twice a day and double up at the first sign of a cold.

I’ve found that L-arginine does give a major boost to PE but that timing of doseage is critical. In my case it kicks in about an hour after I take it. The results are also variable though definitely a benefit. Don’t know why (my T levels or what?). I am not, btw, in the Big Leagues of L-a, only taking 3 - 4 grams a day, spead out over 3 doses.



Re: Hmmm

Originally posted by UberGoober
Thought about it, but I like overdosing on C too much to give it up for PE. It helps me in the rest of my life, like not getting sick, and recovering very quickly from lifting.

Same here, Ube. I’ve taken a large amount of C for many years but reduced it severely when we started talking about it. Also I drink a lot of water. Then my trainer was gone for a couple of weeks and I got a new one who’s been putting me through some awesome endurance workouts. All of last week I was so sore, from delayed onset soreness, I couldn’t even think about stretching and lost all interest in PE. So I’m back with lots of C and rested a lot over the weekend and am ready for more PE.



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Thanks avocet8 for the tip about timing the arginine dosage. I may experiment a little to see if it makes a difference and when would be the optimum time to take the dose before PE. I’m on 1g a day but will proabably start slowly increasing it - just want the body to get use to it. Are you taking any Vit B6 with it?



No, I don’t take B6.

As to timing, most people don’t see an effect until about a week after starting L-a. If you have some side effects (intestinal gas; loose bowels), this goes away pretty quickly.

If you do up your doseage, try taking the last dose before bed. Usual result is an increase in quality of nocturnal erections/morning wood.



Girth increases

Thanks Avocet8

I’ve changed my routine to taking the L-Arginine about an hour before PE. I’ve noticed the increased blood flow - so much so that its sometime hard to be only 3/4 erect when doing the Jelqs. I’ve had to also leave the stretching till after the Jelqs after I have become more flaccid. The L-Arginne combined with a modified PE regime seem to be increasing my girth at a good rate :->

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