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Stacking A-HD & A50?


iron: I would say why the heck not for 7 bucks.

Hardbody: I take it for maybe 5 or 7 days in a row. Mostly as a libido booster. By the way I am 55. I have a high libido anyway. This just seems to put it in hyperdrive, which can be fun.

I am on day 5 right now. Basically my dick is doing most of my thinking at this point, and it is super easy to get a hard on. So for example, when I am having a normal everday conversation with my wife, my main thought is how great she would look sucking my dick. (she has complained the last couple days that I don’t remember things she has told me earlier, this is the reason why.) I can also find something sexy about most every woman I see - my standards are pretty damn low, lol. I sat down to pump today and basically attacked the cylinder. So it is sort of like getting a reminder of my 16 year old libido, that is why I say it is fun.

If you know me from my posts here, I usually don’t talk like this.

I do not take it that often, as it seems the effect is weaker. It has been about 3 or 4 months since I took it last.

However, I have to keep track of the aggression factor. When I start getting irritable if it looks like I am not getting sex, then I know it is time to stop taking it.

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Kool, just ordered the mega all in one product. I am going to be taking it at half the dose, probably 6 days on 1 day off. It is twice the strength of the one you said you are on, so our doses will be the same besides I have 3 other ingredients. I will post the results in this thread.

I’m so tuned in hormonally, I will know the day it takes effect. I will post and keep track of the start date as well. Can’t BELIEVE how cheap these products are. And in pill form now!


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