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Soy based food good or bad for men?


This is great. I’m getting on the soy. Libido is way, way overated.

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Originally Posted by rr
The thing is that I’ve only been a vegatarian for about six months. Before that I ate so much food it was borderline absurd. Since I have a very fast metabolism it was the only way to gain muscle mass. Back then the idea of no sex was intolerable. Now I just don’t care about sex, which is insane for me. I”m thinking it might be all the soy protien and boca products,

You could always reintroduce meat and fish into your diet for a few months and see what the effect is on your libido. Try to keep everything else in your diet and lifestyle fairly constant. As Para-Goomba says, our libidos wax and wane. But if you isolate the animal food factor, and this seems to make the difference, then what Zaneblue is saying is probably true in your case.

Originally Posted by huff
This is great. I’m getting on the soy. Libido is way, way overated.

Yea, those Buddhist monks had it figured out, didn’t they? Eat your way to liberation!

I’ve actually been reading up on this and the soy has isoflavens or “phytoestrogen” in it which mimic estrogen. The food industry uses it because it is a cheap form of protein. I’m staying away from this stuff. Once in awhile won’t make you grow tits or anything but I wouldn’t make it a part of my diet at all. Check everything you eat and you will be surprized at how much soy is put in food products. Like I said it cheap for them to use.


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