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Sermoreline - need some info.

Sermoreline - need some info.

Sermoreline, a small peptide, is supposed to stimulate growth hormone.

Anybody with experience, is it good, is it safe?

Later - ttt

I’ve never used any type of growth hormone, and sermorelin is very new so there is not much research about it. However, from what I’ve read, the main difference between the most popular form of HGH and Sermorelin, is that the last one promotes your own body to produce growth hormone. The popular version, HGH, just add more growth hormone to our bloodstream. Sermoreling seems to be very safe and very good at results. Most of the rejuvenation clinics and bodybuilders are switching to it.

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Thank you, djufo.

One of the reasons people are switching to sermoreline is it’s low price in comparison to growth hormone.

Anybody with personal experience?

Later - ttt

Right now I’m using HGH injection prescribed by the Dr. I’m thinking to switch to sermorelin also , but negative thing about it , it’s has a very small half life which doesn’t produce high HGH pikes.There is an another GHRH modified version and it’s name is CJC-1295.It’s much better and doesn’t get bound directly but it’s not yet FDA approved, but you can order it’s from several sites as alot of people doing it.I’m not going that way because there is allot of fake going around.

Give it some time before CJC-1295 get approved and used by DR’s , and get it prescribed by your Dr . I have heard it’s also cheaper then HGH.

Good luck.

TheScientist - thank you.

Later - ttt

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