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Salmon Oil

Salmon Oil

Just want to confirm from you Fish Oil enthusiasts that the purchase I am going to make is a good one. Not in terms of $$, but in terms of health.

Carlson Salmon Oil
230 1000 mg tablets, with an EPA 360/DHA 250 for each tablet
The cost is $17, or about 7 cents a pill. (As I said, cost is not important, quality is)

My concern is that getting Salmon Oil specifically, instead of just plain “Fish Oil”, might not be wise?

I will take one pill per day, and keep upping the dosage every week when I see if my stomach can handle it.

I am hoping for improvements in Anxiety/Depression, and some sexual benefits would be welcome, too.

For the record, I also take a multi-vitamin and 3x per day St.John's Wort. Any conflicts, here?

Thanks for any comments from those that know more than me. (That is, everyone who comments. ;) )

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Do you know if the oil is made from farmed salmon or wild salmon? If it was farmed I might be wary of possible contamination by pesticides and poor diet.

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Hey CB,

That seems like a good product, as I googled it in and checkedout the specs.I believe that 360/250 ratio is for 2 gelcaps which is pretty much standard.
The contents are extracted from salmon and other fish which are usually from sardine,anchovy and mackeral.So even though the product is titled as Salmon oil caps they usually contain this mixture.I believe this is also cost effective for the company as pure I gram of salmon would be quite expensive.
I take Swiss brand which has a ratio of 180/120 per 1 gram gel cap, and take 6-8 caps day.This helps significantly with my mood and energy.
Make sure the product is non-farmed and that the oil is extracted and tested for toxins and exceeds regulations for human consumption.
Good Luck :up:

Usually salmon oil is lower grade than fish oil, don’t ask me why. If those EPA/DHA amounts are accurate for one pill, then yes, it’s ultra-refined so that shouldn’t make a difference. However, if it’s for two pills, then I believe you’d be better off getting a more refined brand.

But it doesn’t matter when you are first starting up, if you are taking low dosages.

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Hmmm… I don’t like the sound of it being “lower grade fish oil”.

Also, if it is two pills per EPA 360/DHA 250, then that doesn’t seem like as good a deal, either. I will check this out tomorrow.

Thanks for your insights!

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

I’m not sure St John’s Wort is everything it’s cracked up to be. But, in any case, some precautions are listed here:

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