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PoppersAmyl nitrite for anal

PoppersAmyl nitrite for anal

OK, so everyone that iv asked and everywhere iv read, iv found out that this stuff is supposed to make it easier to have anal sex with your GF or BF coz it relaxes the muscles in the body especially the anal sphincter.

Is this true?

Iv asked a few people how to use it and they’ve said things like leave it open in the room, actually sniff it for a few seconds, put it in an oil burner and even hold it under the persons ass (not sure if my girl would be cool about that one lol)!

Has anyone tried this with success and knows how to use it?

If you sniff it,it will make you extremely high for a minute or so.The way to use it is to leave it open in the room(never tried it,but that’s how it’s supposed to work).But be careful with it,because it’s sort of a rape drug thing.Like I said,I only used it to get high and not to make a girl do stuff.

You don´t leave it open in the room and you don´t put it in a oil burner, both is a stupid idea to do with a highly inflammable and volatile liquid. Under the ass is a joke of course.

Open the bottle hold it under the nose (avoid skin contact, it´s irritating) and take a good whiff or three and then close the bottle again. Then comes the rush and after the rush the relaxation which holds for half an hour or longer.

Keep in mind that the vasodilatory effects will ruin a mans erection nicely if to much is inhaled.

Isobutylnitrite has a much more agreeable smell then amylnitrite and decomposes not so quickly btw.

My girl and me use poppers from time to time and it´s fun.

“Poppers” or amyl nitrate was originally a drug given to heart patients, before nitroglycerine was in wide use. These days poppers are usually butyl nitrate, or isobutyl nitrate.
The name comes from the popping sound that the old glass vials made when they broke: in the old days one broke them in a wad of cotton, then inhaled. Now you’ll find them packaged in small bottles. The drug itself is a vasovilator and muscle relaxant.

Do not get it on your skin (it will burn) or light it (it is highly flammable). In fact, it’s probably safer just not to use around any open flame. The drug is also highly poisonous if you drink it.

The rush can be addictive, so if you find that it is getting less effective, stop. Repeated sniffing usually gives the mother of all headaches, and in some cases, nausea or dizziness. Use the drug repeatedly in a sauna or steam room, and you might just pass out. Using poppers lowers your immune system, so don’t use them if your immune system is compromised in any way. One of the biggest risks of taking poppers is having unsafe sex while you are high.

There have been reports of deaths from combining poppers with Viagra, so don’t use the two together. If you have low blood pressure, don’t use poppers. Unborn babies can be affected by them, so if your GF might be or is pregnant, don’t use poppers!

That was a lot of Information GM. Do you need prescription for this thing?

Walk slowly but never backwards.

I tried it once in college. My head started pounding, my face got hot and red, and I felt like shit. I’ve tried almost every recreational drug I have ever heard of, and that might be the only one I never wanted to try twice.

Horny Bastard

Is this what they used to call “Rush” and sell in the head shops years back?

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Originally Posted by RootCap

Is this what they used to call “Rush” and sell in the head shops years back?

Yep. You never know where stuff like that is made, though.

What exactly happens when you do this drug? How do you do it? How much per dose ?

Walk slowly but never backwards.

It´s still sold under the brand name “Rush” and under others. It is produced by the chemical industry and is in it´s variations a basic chemical which can be bought by the ton or tanker. The stuff used by manufacturers of poppers are usual electronics grade purity and thats as good as it can get - beats “pharmaceutical” every day.

Use: Open the bottle, hold it under your nose and inhale (through the nose - what else). Repeat two or three times. Close bottle and put it aside. About 30 seconds later the “rush” comes (yeah, thats where they got the name from), say ones face gets flushed by the blood running through the head and for some seconds one feels pretty spaced out. Not unpleasant though. Then muscle relaxation sets in and holds for half an hour or longer. Great against the pain in the neck when sitting to long before the computer too.
To much will result in raging headaches and a limp penis (your blood being everywhere but not there).

Attention: Studies have shown that if you are a mouse and you inhale several bottles of nitrites a day then there is the chance that your immune system gets damaged.
I personally have no doubt thats true for humans too. Will be true for most solvents, nitrites are for sure much less dangerous then huffing toluene or gasoline (whats really bad btw).

Originally Posted by mravg
I tried it once in college. My head started pounding, my face got hot and red, and I felt like shit.


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