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Pills for EQ

Pills for EQ

Now I don’t want people to get confused and think I am asking for miracle pills to make the penis grow.

In fact what I am asking for is if anybody has any experience with natural pills etc for EQ ie anything that helps more blood flow etc etc

I’ve heard that zinc tablets and l arginine from Holland and Barret is supposed to be good aswell as l-lysine.

Now does anybody take any regular tablets or pills etc whilst doing PE to help encourage gains or at least improve EQ and if so please comment your daily intakes and any pi’s or ni’s I’m interested to see if anything like this does help or at least assist

Cheers guys

Also is there any proof that natural products can increase blood flow etc


Also is there any proof that any natural products can increase blood flow etc

You keep using the word natural, I’m not sure what your intended use is , but I’ve been experimenting with natural supplementing because I am weary of taking too many pills, also I believe that a lot of the time a great deal of the “goodness” of natural products are lost when processed.
Here’s what you’ll need!
Erection paste:
13 cloves of garlic
Equal amount  of  ginger (raw root)
8tsp of ground  fenugreek seed
12tsp ground  celery seed
4 tsp high lighnan flax seed  oil
3tsp olive  oil
35 ml pure honey
3tsp cinnamon
3tsp cayenne pepper.

Peal the garlic and ginger and great
Them using the fine side of you’re grater over a bowl,
Mix all of the ingredients together into a clay like paste.
Take about 1/3 of a teaspoon and press it into a ball ,
Swallow this like a pill, I take about a 2 teaspoons worth with water twice to three times a day. Let me know if it helps! You could add other herbs etc. But I can’t find them where I live.

I do not know other pills like Viagra or Cialis but cayenne or similar will increase your blood flow though not substantially l-arginine,lysine citruline will but basically are the foundations for any good pre workout and not necessarily to make you that horny and I use it for gym.

Blue eye, blonde latino

All the ingredients in that paste acts as some form of
Aphrodisiac / vasodilator / testosterone boost or a cum booster. You should be able to find more information on each of them in the holy grail of cum load thread.

I made this as it is an easier way to ingest the ingredients.
Ie. Its easier than to chew garlic or swallowing seeds with water!

This helps my night wood greatly!

L citrulline, 2mg twice a day with 100mcg equivalent grapeseed extract has seen me popping rock hard EQ consistently. Takes about 3 days to kick in

Arginine ethyl ester by far gives the best EQ over any other supplement I have tried. Then you can also consider yohimbe, tribulus and zinc. All 4 taken together and you are talking erections on command. I could sit at work and think of a naked woman, do some kegels to encourage blood flow and have a super hard erection a minute later.

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