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Penis patches?


Originally posted by Dino9X7
Why stop at three, if you put six on you can be 18 inches.

I don’t want to gain too much all at once. This shit is way too powerful,please be very careful with this product.


Funny how when they describe the ingredients, they don’t say any of them actually permanently enlarges the penis:

American & Siberian Ginseng are powerful sources of energy for the body, which inevitably brings about stronger sexual energy. Millions of men have taken ginseng explicitly for this purpose over the centuries. Rejuvenator, sexual stimulant, and scientifically demonstrated body fortifier against the effects of environmental stress—ginseng is an age-old male ally.

It is said to possess almost magical rejuvenating properties and it is especially popular with the elderly who believe it can help one maintain hair color, preserve youthfulness, and restore fertility. Eastern and Western herbalists recommend Fo-Ti as a tonic to maintain youthful vigor, increase energy, tone the kidneys and liver and purify the blood. Fo-Ti has been found to reduce hypertension, reduce blood cholesterol levels and reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease among individuals prone to these conditions.

Gotu Kola
This herb is known to be an impotence remedy. It is a natural and anti-fatigue agent, slowly building mental stamina and neural health. It is an excellent blood purifier and glandular tonic used specifically to improve memory and longevity.

Saw Palmetto
It is a general tonic for the male reproductive system. It acts to nourish the nerves, toning and strengthening the male reproductive system, particularly the prostate gland.

It has been used in the United States since 1974 as an aphrodisiac to improve sexual ability and as tonic for strengthening the nervous and hormonal systems. It has anti-depressant properties, thus it is excellent for treating anxiety and/or depression that has a predominant sexual factor. Used to treat impotence, it possibly has a testosterone like action and works by strengthening the male system. It is a prostate tonic and an anti-depressant and nutrient for sluggish sexual organs. Damiana has strong claims as a great sexual rejuvenator, whether the problem is the result of abuse or age.

This is an alcohol extract from the oil of peppermint. This all-natural ingredient is an effective topical antiseptic used to enhance the unique delivery system of the Potency Patch. It prepares the skin to accept the potency formula.

It simulates the nerves that control erection, increases parasympathetic activity, which increases sexual performance, theoretically resulting in increased flow of blood to the penis. The FDA approves only one medicine for impotence; yohimbe, an alkaloid isolated from the bark of the yohimbe tree, native to tropical West Africa.

Those are all great ingredients, but it will not make your dick bigger permanently. Try looking for those ingredients in a cheaper supplement.

Any supplement that says “will enlarge your penis” will cost you 4 times the amount it is really worth.

But its your choice.

"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"


Originally posted by Dino9X7
Why stop at three, if you put six on you can be 18 inches.

Jones wrote
>I don’t want to gain too much all at once. This shit is way too powerful,please be very careful with this product.>

Ahhh…..dino was joking, ever heard of sarcasm ?

Its good marketing, advertising and psychology thats sells, even if a product or service is a total bogus, just like longitudes chalk. All they do is dress some people to you look like doctors, put a stethoscope around their neck and say it doctor approved, WHICH ITS NOT. Then they get some exotic dancer to to say she bought her boyfriend a 4 month supply (yeah right) and now she cant get her hands off him. They work on your insecurity so that you get pissed off but at the same time giving you an incentive so that you fork out your wallet and grab that credit card and order at least a 3 month supply. They advertise the publications Time, Newsweek, TheNewYorktimes, and GQ to get you thinking if its listed in these respectable publications then it has to be true, right. They prey on gullable, naive people like you jones to make their millions. I know it sounds convincing, not as convincing as the penis pills but thats what good marketing is about. They want to make Millions and will do whatever it takes. What the ingredients may offer can be bought for a fifth of what this bullshit artists asks for. I cant see how them ingredients could permanently enlarge the penis, NO WAY. You can get supplements for libido and blood flow for a fraction of the cost if thats what you want, but their is NOTHING that will enlarge the penis ok. Wake up and grow up and smell the roses.

Someone should slip this startling info over to the peforum.

the maxiderm patches seem to work for me - I think they are easy to use and I use them every day, and even put them (on that spot) on the 3rd day to add length. IT works great!!

I have been using pro solution patches for 3 weeks now in addition to my andro ADS and jelqing and have noticed some gains but who knows which is working? Hell who cares as long as it’s working!

I don’t think a patch would work any better than the “pills”.

Anyone else? Let’s hear more.


Ok guys does the patches really work or not please respond with a yes for those who would like a strait answer and the answer should come from those who really are on the patches there lots of us out here who do not have time to jelq or the privacy to do so and are looking for a easier way to gain length now I do think about it this way though if it were true about these patches don’t you think there would be any talk about stretching and jelqing at all all we would here about is patches and these patches would cost you a bundle if they did work but I my self started to jelq a while back but have had hard times to be flaccid but I haven’t tried weights I should but like I said there isn’t time or privacy what I would like to know if there is a pump itself that has a lip around the outer side of it near the gland or so that would have an option for you to hand as you pumped fl acid this would give you some great results I think been meaning to just buy a pump and make my own outer lip like a ring with some Fiberglas or so and that way I could hang some small rope with a weight on it for an even length ?? We all have plenty of question on ways for there to be easier for length now girth I think is the easiest one of all length is hard but achievable if you actually have time on your hand lol

Get it just my opinions here guys and a question too

I was lucky enough to find a 3 month supply of magna rx+ patches on ebay for £3, so I thought I’d give them a try just out of interest. After wearing it for a couple of days I noticed that my erections were much harder than I’d seen in a long time. That seems to have been the only beneficial effect though. Although I am PEing at the same time I haven’t really seen any growth attributable to the patch and there are some rather annoying downsides:

1. They itch. Not initially, but after a couple of days (you wear each one for 3 days) they really start to itch. All around the area. Even after you’ve taken them off they still leave an itchy area. They say you should put them on a fleshy part, but putting it on my shoulders or thighs made it so itchy I had to rip it off after a day or so. The only safe area is the arse (but still itches).

2. They mark. Once you take them off, within a couple of hours a red mark in the shape of the patch starts to appear and stays for a week or so. So after you’ve been using them for a couple of weeks and you have marks all over your arse you begin to look like a patchwork quilt of pink and red.

3. Unless you are a plastic mannequin people are going to notice it. It’s not really flesh colour, so girlfriends and people down the gym (or anywhere else you strut around naked) are going to notice it and ask why you started smoking then decided to quit straight away.

Whether I’d recommend them or not would depend on your situation. If you are desperate (or have erection problems) I’d say try them for a few months, but don’t expect much more than harder erections (and an itchy arse). If you can find them on ebay for a few quid (and don’t mind having a red itchy arse) try them. But just don’t believe their claims of 3 inches in 3 months.

PS These ones do stick on really well. A little too well in fact, when you go to take them off (even after soaking in the shower) they wax a little square of hairs from your arse!

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Is it possible that the use of pills or patches in conjunction with a solid PE routine could benefit the users end results? I can see why the pills (or patches) would not work by themselves, but if they were used along with a decent exercise isn’t it possible that they could at least slightly increase the gains received during the time that they were being used.

I mean hot chicks and people in doctor uniforms wouldn’t lie to me would they.

:jumpers: This was sent to my outlook express mailbox today:

I’m thinking this is the same crap as mentioned above since it has the same ingredients:

“Each patch is an herbal transdermal formula containing: Ginseng, Damiana, Fo-Ti, Gotu Kola, Saw Palmetto, Menthol.”

Yet they want $199 from you for the full supply…

If GINSENG AND MENTHOL can enlarge my penis- why not just have some ginseng tea and a pack of newports? :)

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If anyone is dumb enough to buy a penis enlargement patch, I will gladly sell them a patch to improve their IQ.

I also have patches that will get you 20” biceps in 2 weeks, patches that will make you a millionaire overnight, and patches that will turn you in to a supermodel in 3 hours or less.

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"


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