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Omega 3 acids

Omega 3 acids

In the form of fish oil capsules. I take them for my ulcertive colitis. Supposed to act as an anti-inflamatory through a collerational study. Anyhow it is supposed to be really good for the heart and circulation. Anyone else out there use it?


Here is the story on Omega-3 fatty acids. Much of the research has centered on heart disease. These important fats play five roles in preventing heart disease.

1. Blood fats. O-3FA (omega-3-fatty acids) can have a marked effect on reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Researchers at the University of Oregon found that patients with markedly high triglyceride levels experience a drop in triglycerides from an average of 1,353 to 281 mg/dl, and a corresponding drop in their cholesterol levels from 373 to 207 mg/dl in only four week.

2. Coagulability. One of the major cardiovascular benefits of increasing o-3-fa in your diet is the effect they have on the coagulability of the blood. it is now generally accepted that abnormal blood clot in a partially blocked artery often initiates a heart attack, o-3-fa reduce the production of a dcangerous substance known a thromboxane A2, which stimulates abnormal blood clots, thus decreasing the risk of heart attack and stroke, In a study of 13 men, 10 capsules of fish oil per day not only reduced the production of thromboxane A2, but also increased the production of a natural blood thinner, prostaglandin I3.

3. Bllod flow. When o=3-fa are consumed, there is an immediate and rapid uptake of fatty acids by both the platelets (necessary for blood clotting) and the red blood cells. This action measurably reduced the tendency of the platelets to clump together and initiate a clot. It also makes the red blood cells more flexible, which substantially improves the blood flow through small capillaries, In other woerd, o-3-fa reduce the viscosity fo the blood allowing it to flow more freely and with less tendency to form clots.

4. Blood pressure. Not surprisongly, if blood is less viscous and is flowing more smoothly, there is less resistance to blood flow, and blood pressure falls. In several studies in which fish oils have been given to hypertensive patients, their bllod pressure did just that.

5. O-3-fa seem to exert a preventive effect on the whole process of atherosclerosis based on animal model studies.


Hey TT,

Omega 3 and other essential fatty acids appear in many delicous foods, I was wondering why not consume these foods on a regular basis instead of pills? They are surely more fun this way and probably cheaper too. Also I read that dietary fatty acids are beneficial to ulcerative colitis and crohns disease and may help reduce diarrhea which is a major symptom in these situations.(Along with their known benefits to the heart, immune system and cancer prevention).

Omega 3 is found in:

Fatty fish (e.g., tuna, salmon, mackerel, herring, whitefish),
green leafy vegetables, flaxseed oil, black currant oil, canola oil, walnuts and Brazil nuts.

Just ask your doc if he approves of this.

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My colitis is a daily problem. I can control it best I can. Which is good. I used to have to take a minimum of almost three Amodium Advanced a day to not really have any problems. With the Fish Oil pills I only needed two. If I took the fish oil caplets 12 hours differnce from a single amodium advanced it would work together. I try and eat a descent anount of fiber too. No overdosing on metamucil! LOL! But bagels, toast, etc…

I thought the fish oil would be beneficial to those that PE cause of the circulatory effects. Just wanted to share the tiny knowledge I had. I see both you guys are way more knowledgable in this.

Circulation is the key to Pe, so there is my half a cent.

PS WillB7, thanks for the advice on the teeth they are perfect now. No pain and the sweeling is 99% gone on the worst side. Glad to get them out! Thanks again!

omega-3 is one of the essential fatty oils that our bodies need to function. Not only is it good for circulation but it is also a brain food. And yes it is found in many good tasting foods. Salmon is one of the best sources for it, as is cold water fish. I hate taking pills, even tho I take several every day, I’d rather get my nutrients from the foods I eat.

Just remember, what we put inside our bodies reflect on the outside.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

re omega 3’s

One point that was not brought up about omega 3’s

is the anti inflamitory effect very important for those vigorus work outs. That is why it works well with inflamatory conditions like Chron’s disease. The fact not addressed is there is a major deficency of omega 3’s in our diets in north america, with too many omega 6’s vegatable based oils. There is a competeing affect. I take 6 1000mg capsules per day and it is very inexpensive compared to most vitamins, but I also take a number of those also. More on that another time. It is a far better way than tylenol asprin etc with only beneficial effects, no side effects. There are a number of good studies in peer reviewed journals on this. Think about it.



A Question here on absorbtion

I take 6- 1000mg a day of Omega 3 Fish Oil Caplets. I read somewhere on the PE Forum that 90% of the potency is destroyed on an oral vectoed supplement via stomach acids. IS this true in relation to Omega 3? They were talking about Vitamen E in relation to the (0% rate. But won’t it be a similiar rate? Thanks TT

re omega 3’s and stomach acid I wouldn’t think that it would matter the studies show the end results ie improvement in the nervous system and the anti inflamatory effect. I would suggest if you are taking fish oil, (I take salmon oil), that you be sure you are not getting farmed fish. They feed farmed fish all kinds of garbage protiens ie dead animals and have a low omega 3 content. CoQ10 is also good due to its effect on on energy production in the mitochondria. Hope this helps. Cheers.


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