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ok, non dangerous testosterone boosting

ok, non dangerous testosterone boosting

Well, I dont like the idea of taking andro to temporarily boost my testosterone so what are the best natural ways (without some sketchy longer term side effects)?

My t-levels are low as many of you know and i’m only 22. I work out every other day.
25mg of zinc
flax seed oil
eating meat as much as possible (I have low cholestorol and low blood pressure)
Only masterbating every other day.

Is tribulus a good long term t-booster, or does it just drop after each cycle like other things? DHEA?

Also, i know low testosterone is correlated with anxiety/depression, but have there been any studies saying that it’s the depression causing the low t-levels? I’m just curious if antidepressants may boost my t-levels or libido some how.


I don’t know about most of those things, but apparently something that’s
GREAT for boosting testosterone is high intensity muscular exercise, expecially involving the BIG muscles (legs). Squats and deadlifts are reknowned for boosting T levels.

I think also antidepressants aren’t reknowned for being particularly good for libido.

Weightlifting, definitely. Big, compound movements like squats and deadlifts. This one is proven to increase test naturally.

Zinc, as long as total daily intake is less than 100mg. Not proven, but good for the immune system and theoretically boosts test.

I’d stay away from flax seed oil. It contains a compound called alpha linolenic acid; there seems to be quite a bit of controversy over it, but studies have found it increases growth rate of cancerous cells, specifically prostate carcinoma. Fat intake HAS been proven to increase test, so I’d supplement with something else, perhaps cod liver oil.

There’s been a few studies on tribulus, and one I remember reading stated that there was no increase in HGH, but there was a positive pro-erectile effect from taking it. Now, some guys at the gym will swear by this stuff. I’ve taken it, and yes, I’ve noticed a difference in intensity, and funny enough, my fuse was a lot shorter, too. I’ve had my free test levels tested twice by my doc, once on tribulus, once off. I had a much higher level while on tribulus and doing heavy lifting. The most recent testing was no supplements, and off from the gym for about 3 months. Numbers talk.

Try and stay away from anti-depressants; they directly affect your neurotransmitters, hence the lowered libido side effect.

Best piece of advice? Hit the gym, eat healthy, and try not to worry. The mind is a powerful tool that can affect our bodies greatly.

If you procrastinate you choose LAST

zinc - can only help

flax seed oil - studies have shown this can raise t, along with a ton of other health benefits, very underrated supp

tribulus - again studies have shown it can raise t, however it also raises estradiol (form of estrogen) some, your t wont crash after you stop

there’s more than enough proof out there showing that even consuming small amounts of alcohol will cause a drop in t levels, up to a week after consumption

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