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Oil Of Oregano P-73 Miracle cure!!

Oil Of Oregano P-73 Miracle cure!!

I have had a bad cold, non-stop phlegm that felt like constant allergies for over a year. All doctors told me I was fine. I have had all bloodwork done, culture, etc……… And nothing bad to be found. I would spit up phlegm so much all the time that I was embarrassed to try to go date a girl. Well I read an article on P-73 oil of oregano and how it heals so many different things. And how it is even MORE potent then almost all heavy anti-biotics out there. Its also building a huge reputation for healing candidas and fibromyalgia. Go ahead and google it, it is simply freaking amazing!!

Today I put 3 drops under my tongue and have only spit up phlegm 1 time. On a normal day it would be 20-40 times. I don’t have to constantly clear my throat, my drainage is stopping. And dam I feel better! For all you sick people try this stuff out! Just make sure its the P73 kind. Theres alot of fakes out there trying to make money.

Turns out almost everyone around where I live is having respitory problems. Interesting. Still improving! Screw the doctors!

This sounds like what I am looking for. I will order some. Are you continuing to do better?

Links to sites you consider worthwhile looking at?

regards, mgus

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Sorry I havn’t given an update. But oh man I feel way freaking better. I think the phlegm I am having is due to mold in the house I am living at. The days I take the P-73 I feel a hell of alot better though. The only thing you have to look out for is they say if you use it every day for a pro-longed period of time that your body won’t absorb B-vitamins or something like that. So they say 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. But you will have to research that yourself.

Originally Posted by mgus
Links to sites you consider worthwhile looking at?

I can’t find the website that I found before. But this one is the link to his books and a bit of information.

The story is on the internet but I guess Dr. Cass Ingram was treating a patient and stabbed himself with the IV needle resulting in some type of blood fungal infection. I guess there was no cure and he was on the brink of death. He tried Oil of Oregano and it rehabilitated him and healed him. He then went on to test it again many other diseases with outstanding effects. If you really want to find out what it has done for people go to google and type:

Forum: Oil of Oregano P-73

I cured myself Oil of Oregano P-73

Oil of Oregano testimonials

I found alot of information punching in keywords. You can also check out this website.

Earthclinic is awesome for natural cures to stuff. That is the link to Oil of Oregano. I will copy and paste 1 post someone put.

[YEA] 03/15/2008: Aaron from Chicago, IL writes: “God and Oil of Oregano cured my sinus infection! Like many, one sinus infection after the other over the years. Tried, antibiotics, netti pot, homeopathics, echinacea, golden seal, tumeric, vitamin c, apple cider vinegar, acidophulus, gave up cheese and milk and other dairy items, gave up sugars. None of these did the job. Two weeks ago a cold turned into a sinus infection, with thick green and brown phlegm. On Saturday, the cold turned feverish. By 5:00 p.m, felt terrible, with a fever of 100. Online to do research. My wife, meanwhile, mentioned oil of oregano. I checked it out and discovered the Georgetown study, where it cured some drug resistant staph infections. Oil of oregano is believed to have both anti-bacterial and ant-viral properties. My wife had some in the cupboard. Decided to try it. Two drops under the tongue. Tasted terrible. Burned. Went to bed. Woke up at 6:00 p.m, an hour later, still felt terrible, but temperature had dropped to 99.1. Then, 30 minutes later, took temperature again, it was 98.6. Never in my life have I seen such immediate effects from anything. (But let’s give God the credit, shall we? After all, it’s God who makes the natural remedies in the first place. And it’s God who directs us to the right cure at the right time. Let’s always put God first and we’ll always be the better for it.) Over the next 5 days, I increased the dosage to four drops under the tongue every 2-3 hours. Over those five days, the phlegm slowly changed from green and brown to clear. Sinus infection now gone completely. I would not have credited Oil of Oregano with the healing had it not been for seeing the immediate decrease in my temperature at those times. Nor would I have stuck with it when I did not see the same immediate results with the nasal secretions. But it handled it. I’ve continued a maintenance dose everyday since, of about five drops once a day. I recommend buying a bottle, but make sure it’s wild oregano, and using it at the first sign of a cold or flu. One amazing remedy from Upstairs!”

Also if your wanting to know more information on how it works google information about the Antioxidant effects and university tests they have done with it. Oil of Oregano P-73 supposebly is as powerful as any antibiotic on the market. I could be wrong I don’t know how accurate the information is that I read but from my experience the stuff works better then the Z-Pacs I took for my case with sinus infections.!


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