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Nuerotin, Is anyone out in Thunders Place familiar with the drug? It was prescribed for me by my doctor for nueropasthy, It never seem to work. Actually I have better results with 200mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid and two extra strength Doans.

While I was on the drug 900 mg per day I three divided dosage’s I became rather tearfull at times and the designs of suicide was very pleasant, I also developed a bit of a rage disorder. I have been off of Nuerotin for about six months, and even though the depression has left at times I have belligerent outburst of anger, this is odd for me because I have been even temperment all my life. I go through detox like tremons quite a bit.

This drug I do believe will be banned along with Bextra and most of your Statin drugs. My question is is anyone on nuerotin and suffering the same problems I had with it? Or has anyone gone off of it and are still suffering with similar after effects?

You sure its not neurontin?

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Originally Posted by Tube

You sure it’s not neurontin?

Oops yes it is neurontin! Now how do I go back and change that?

I thought I’d run this thread again because I’m curious to know if my use of nuerontin has anything to do with my current illness (refer to: “Too much calcium”)


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