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Happy new year all. I was wondering has anybody had any good experience with NOX2 i was going to use it for great muscle and stamina(I Thai Fight for workout and weight lift) gains and then i spoke with the guy working at GNC and he said that it could be beneficial to your penis as well. Any body have any good experiences with NOX2 for muscle mass, seamen mass, girth mass or any of the above

Yeah I was wondering the same (in the venue of penis and NOX)

Happy new year, BT79

I’ve been taking NOX2 for four days now, so far I noticed a bigger flaccid hang on the third day, and my muscles have a more pumped feeling. Other than that, all is the same.

Thanks mule.

Blackthunder79 have you been taking NOX2 or just thinking about it

NOX2 is a very strong version of arginine……

Just thinking about it, and if its like arginine (which I heard is good for erections), I may have to invest in some.


I have tried both and NOX2 is like a very strong version of arginine. It basically makes you half-hard all day. However, it is also way more expensive than arginine.

There are a few NOX2 products in the market, and you might want to compare prices. I have also seen it being sold at Wal-Mart at a much lower price. You may want to try that one out first.

Thats whats up Jafar_t. Have you noticed any increase in seaman mass i am not to up on what arginie does for you PE or Body Building.

I do not notice any significant increase in semen volume but the erection quality definitely improves with arginine. It is much easier to get a really hard erection and the frequency of morning erection increases. Arginine is considered a precursor to nitrous oxide (NO), which helps to relax the smooth muscle of the penis and prevent blood outflow, thus aiding erections.

Any other weight lifters, or fighters out there that have used NOX2?

I found the following arginine in powder form: AAKG Powder L-Arginine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate, at 1.1 lbs for 25.95$ it is considerably cheaper than the NOX2 that I bought. Haven’t tried it yet, but since I’m downright poor I’ll gladly trade it in for the more expensive NOX2.

I tried it for about three weeks. Didn’t notice any difference…I know there is another thread here on this. I know a few pud pullers than had some pretty good results from it…

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Russell4: You have to take it with empty stomach. Have you tried that?

Taking it on a empty or full sotmach hasn’t made much of a difference for me. NOX2 is just called arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (A-AKG) so you can buy it in bulk cheaper. There’s other compounds that affect the NO system too that you should look into.


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