Notes on Yohimbe....

Yohimbe is not really a dangerous herb. It does, however cause some people to get an upset stomach.

Yohimbe increases blood pressure. While the herb itself isn’t really dangerous, it is dangerous for people with high blood pressure to take it. Like sugar to a diabetic - it isn’t the sugar that is the problem, it’s the person.

PE people tend to have a “more is better” mentality. (I am not excluding myself from this generalization, by the way.) This is problematic when it comes to supplements. The dosages of certain supplements (amino acids, vitamin c…) can be gradually upped, but yohimbe is certainly not one of them. I would wager that people who have had bad experiences with it either have a blood pressure problem or thought “if one is good than four is great!”.

Yohimbe is not that active ingredient in the supplement. The active ingredient is Yohimbine - which is found in yohimbe. Many cheaper supplement companies prey on the fact that this is not common knowledge. If the bottle doesn’t tell you how much yohimbine is in the yohimbe, it may as well be a sugar pill. This is one of the times where you get what you pay for. I have been using Twinlab’s Yohimbe fuel for the past 7 months with nothing but good things to say about it.

As with any herb, your results may vary. It all depends on your metabolism, cardio vascular health, etc…you name it.

I’ll get off my stupid soapbox now.