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NO2 or Ornithine


I would start with three days per week of weight lifting, and three days of cardio, alternating one for the other.

This is just a suggestion, and you can modify it if you like. I think it would cover all muscle groups effectively though. You can find exercise descriptions online (google).
bench press
military press
calf raises

stair-master (30 min)

Lat pulldown
cable rowing
dumbbell shrugs
tricep extension

treadmill (30 min)

Barbell squat
leg curl
bicep curl
calf raises

Day 6:
stationary bike (30 min)

Day 7:

I love GOLD

Well I bought some Nox2 from Pinnacle. How much should I take a day? Is it okay to take with Arginine.. Meaning that I lower the dose of Nox2 and take arginine with it.

Arginine or any supplement designed to raise NO levels will have very little (if any) impact on size and strength. I will admit that when you are very lean (<10% bodyfat) it can increase pump and vascularity slightly, but overall I would not purchase arginine or NO supplements because glycerol and creatine+dextrose do a much better job in that aspect.

I wouldn’t buy any more supplements until you have a decent training regiment in place for several months. I would even hold onto the NOX2 until you have dropped to a low enough bodyfat to even see any effects from it.

I love GOLD

Well I’m more worried about what my junk is gonna look like.

The arginine won’t have an effect.

I love GOLD


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