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What are all y’all’s thoughts on this:

NO-explode and other Nitric Oxide supplements that people take pre-workout are vasodilators causing more blood flow to muscles for longer workouts/more gains faster.

My question is, if I were to drink a supplement like NO-explode or Labrada supercharge before stretching/warming up and then jeqling, do you think it would improve my gains as more blood would be pumped into my member?

Also, how do I cement my gains once I’ve made them?

hmm… i have drank no-explode but i never drank it to help with p.e so maybe but i doubt it will do anything major but it does cause more erections because of the nitric oxide buildup give it a try and tell us if you have any success.

Long time lifter here, and a newbie to these forums, but I have quite a sum of knowledge in this area.

NO-XPLODE isn’t used to increase gains (for skeletal muscle, anyway), but increase the amount of ATP available (along with base heart rate due to the caffeine) by augmenting the circulatory system for extremely hard lifts.

I don’t think it would help with PE. Since the whole idea behind jelqing is to cause micro tears to increase size, it shouldn’t help. Reason being is nitric oxide only brings the body’s blood vessels to the natural maximum. Not that it matters, as unless you’re jelqing at 100% erection (which you shouldn’t), it won’t matter if your blood vessels are dilated, as jelqing alone will get your blood vessels to your penis’s natural limit and more. So either way you’ll be forcing more blood than your penis can naturally accommodate. Only one method costs money, but gets the same results.

You’d be better off doing calisthenics (or lifting, if you can), and doing hard, short bouts of cardio, rather than drinking/popping this stuff for penis enhancement. It would save money (calisthenics/sprinting are free), benefit your overall health, make you look/feel better, and improve blood flow to your penis (naturally harder erections), so it’s a win-win-win-win situation.

Thanks to both of you. What about clamping? I imagine at that point a vasodilator would probably be of use?

What do you say, blazen?

No-Xplode makes me turtle like coffee does. Also makes me have to crap just like coffee too!

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