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My prostate?


My prostate?

How do i really know when it is getting bad?

Why, what’s wrong? Pain? Bleeding? Difficulty urinating or stopping the flow?

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Well, let’s see,

I am 26 years old to start almost 27. I have an urgency to pee a bit during the day occasionally. I piss and a small amount comes out as compared to what i thought I had in there to make me want to go. I NEVER have to get up and piss at the middle of the night. I don’t think I am a diabetic either. After receiving oral sexI always have to pee too!

Any ideas?

Has this happened just lately or is it an ongoing thing? Have you found you want to piss more often? Do you drink a lot of water during the day?

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BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Slowly over the last six months, I guess. I do not drink a lot of water either. I used to have quite a bladder for all night drinking (mis)adventures. So, I’ll run up to the bathroom and think I have to take a wicked piss and it is really only half to a third or less strength. Am I starting to show my age?


Highly unlikely for you to be having trouble with your prostate at this age however any thing is possible. From what you describe you could have urethritis (this could be from the clap or more likely clamydia, or from physical irritation - too much PE). Another possibility would be bladder infectin (less likely but possible) or urinary stones that are small and pass without leaving gross bleeding but some degree of urethral irritation.

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what is the best way to pinpoint what I have? What tests from a medical perspective or home remedies may work?

TT, some types of prostatitis do occur around the age your at, doesn’t really seem like the urology field has a clue as to why. Tough question to answer considering your an active PE’er. You are complaining of urinary stream problems and not the typical additional symtoms of prostate trouble. Burning, lower back pain, prostate pain, etc. Might just have overstressed your dick. Also possible is if you are taking any supplements. I recall you have an interest there or in BB and wonder if you are taking anything. Any type of ECA combination can cause problems like what you describe and some of these supp.’s do tend to eliminate vitamins and minerals from your system. Caffeine is a big nasty for that. This can possibly efffect the prostate to a certain degree with regards to mineral deficiency. Also, have you made any dietary changes as of recent? Ridiculously stupid as it may sound, sometimes dietary changes lead to bowel irregualrity/constipation followed by a bit more “pushing” to achieve a bowel movement. This can have a tendency to put pressure on the prostate, which in turn gets irritated and “rebounds” with a bit of swelling. Guess what can happen to the piss stream in this event? Problem with going to a doc or trying to test this stuff in any way, is a question of mild discomfort versus real physical danger. Piss stream tests basically consist of whizzin’ in a funnel much like the on at your dentist office, except this one measures flow rate. Seemed to me at the time that unless one could not piss at all, there was no real medical emergency. IOW, medical standards for a healthy piss stream are pretty fuckin’ low…easiest test you’ll ever pass! Best thing to do is to take a real good look at your daily activities and try to sus this out piece by piece. You don’t give a whole hell of alot of info in the above posts, so it’s difficult to really help on this one. Troubleshooting the human body at low cost can be a bitch with many variables, observation of possible causes can take you a long way here and don’t overlook the seemingly unrelated stuff. There are likely alot of situations that can cause this problem in anyone and it’s not necessarily prostate related, though it could be. Do give more info in consideration of the abovementioned stuff and anything else and reply. Someone may see something that we don’t. groa

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ive had something similar since i was young 12-13, it still happens now, i have some trouble urinating, i believe i have prostitus (saw it on TV), this is (i believe) caused by stressl; either a one time emotional ordeal (thats me), or prolonged stress.

i now find that i can urinate much easier when sitting; i know, its not the manly thing to do. i find it particularly hard in the morning, or at any time when im even slightly nervous.

i personally tru to ignore it; i mean, as people we are naturally much more relaxed whilst sitting than standing, so it makes sense. i can still go while standing when drunk, although if at someones house while drunk i tend to sit, out of curtosy.

another thing that worked for me was to think about something else; i know it sounds obvious, but try it. look away, and think about something relaxing, think about what pe your going to do later, how much free time will you have, can you get in an hours jelqing, and still have time to do a set of stretches, etc.

ok, sorry i just re-read your post, and now realise that i was not helping your problem at all, but i left it in incase people ever have a similar problem.

my advice: listen to your body (a much - but not over - used phrase on this board, but it applies), if you think its serious, go to a doctor, if not then deal with it.

just my £0.02.


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Thanks for the advice gentlemen! I do appreciate it! I’ll see a doc about it soon among other things.

Is there any herbal way of getting an enlarged prostate under control, if that is what I have?

Will Kegalling help or hinder me here? Stop or slow PE until this works out?

Oh sorry! Only supplements I take are a couple multi-vitamens a day, 6000mg of Omega 3 fish oil caplets, and a single or double Amodium AD Advanced tablet a day. I used to horribly suffer from ulcerative colitis, so bad I did not leave the house! I have it very well controlled via the last two pills which a few docs said to take. I am not an active PEer right now. I am in the semblance of moving and school and getting a job. I’ll have this under control by July! Some time off but always look to hit the boards each day and read and occasionally post.

I remeber seeing here or on the PE Forum, that Saw Palametto will help, but has a GI side effect which sucks balls for me!

Try water, easy to get and the price is right. Maybe that by itself will help. Worth a shot and if it is going to help you should know pretty quickly, a couple of days or so. Replace as much of what you are drinking now, as you can stand, with water instead.

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Originally posted by twatteaser

I remeber seeing here or on the PE Forum, that Saw Palametto will help, but has a GI side effect which sucks balls for me!


I’ve taken Saw P. for years and am not aware of any GI effect. I think it’s good stuff.

If you’re up to such things, lube up a middle finger, insert it, and feel your prostate, even massage it gently. If you feel pain, you’ll know there’s something specific going on with it. If not, a light massage might get it humming again.

Everybody else is going to tell you this, let me be the first: drink water! Find a bottled water that tastes good to you and keep it with you. Work up to 1/2 liter/day then try more.

Except for milk, the liquids you mention are known to irritate prostates under some conditions, and drinking water will minimize their effect.



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Okay, I finished my last Pepsi Big Slam just a few seconds ago. I guess, I’ll have to be a water nazi! I’ll see how it helps, starting tonight! Thanks, Guys!

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