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My Ejaculoid experiment

I’ve been on Ejaculoid for several months and I am not impressed at all so far with the results.

Hm. Guess you’re done with that one?

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

I’m trying to decide if I should finish the bottles I bought.

Originally Posted by Mr. Happy

Maca Root is an herbal supplement that also boosts load. It’s a good one as it has few notable side effects.

Are there any side effects at all?

No side effects, but no improvement in volume either.

What are the side effects of Maca Root?

My side effects included: chills, shakes, rapid heart beats and just an overall feeling of weirdness. And though I didn’t see any increase in volume, I will say that the orgasm itself was pretty mind blowing as it felt like all the nerve endings in my body was being shocked. Too bad the side effects were so bad because I would have kept taking them just for that effect.

Did you take maca itself or ejaculoid?

Instead of taking just pure Arginine, try AAKG (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate). It supposedly works better than Arginine alone.

As for that article by T-Nation, I bought into it. Then I tried an NO2 product and I got crazy pumps! Does it actually build muscle? probably not directly, but it helps in the process and I honestly feel the difference.

Interestingly, I read of lot of posts on that Ejaculoid worked really well for a lot of people, but it still has done nothing for me.

The reason it works better for folks on body building sites is from the diet and the amino acids they are taking and their diet.

If your body is using it’s energy to digest SHIT, your body is not going to devote energy to testosterone and producing the mass loads we all seek.

Most has to do with the fact that we are an amino depleted nation dependent on prozac and other psychoactive meds that fool the brain into thinking it’s well and overwork the lack of serotonin molocules we have in the first place.

Body builders do a number of things.
1. Eat properly.
2. Work out = > testosterone production.
3. Eat lots of proteins and complex carbs = > amino acids = more ability to produce the brain chemicals we require to stay in good moods and stay horny = more testosterone = more loads.

This is just my opinion. I’ve tried all the garbage out there.

There’s no way around it other than

Proper protein consumption
Proper complex carb consumption
Proper UNDEAD vegetable consumption
Amino acid supplementation (l-tryptophan, GABA, L-tyrosine, etc…)
Stress reduction

Unfortunately, I think one of the last things the brain cares about is the dick / balls / load size if other areas of the body are undernourished / need repair.

Save your money and buy a book on how to eat properly and think properly.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

How’s that all working for you, kfarrelldba?

I read on T-Nation an interview with a porn actor how worked out and ate around 300g protein a day, and he attributed his voluminous “pops” to that.

(12/5/2008) BPEL: 7.75" EG: 5.75" BSFL: 8.1" FL: 5" FG 4.25"||New Goal: NBPEL: 8" EG: 6"

Technique: 95% Wet Jelqing, 5% Low Vacuum Pumping

Photos Journal

Well, I’m not overloading on protein. I’ve been trying to mentally stabilize myself. I started zoloft on the weekend and almost lost my mind. So I researched brain chemicals and stumbled upon a life saving author named Julia Ross.

Any depressed or mentally screwed up people out there, I highly recommend reading all her books. I’ve been on aminos for 2 days and I realize at 37 years old that I’ve never actually felt like what it feels like to be me.

I’m f****ng astounded.

This stuff is unbelievable. Simple frign amino acids.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

Which Aminos are helping you, and what for if you don’t mind sharing?


(12/5/2008) BPEL: 7.75" EG: 5.75" BSFL: 8.1" FL: 5" FG 4.25"||New Goal: NBPEL: 8" EG: 6"

Technique: 95% Wet Jelqing, 5% Low Vacuum Pumping

Photos Journal

Man I feel bad, I completely derailed this thread. I’m tired of typing tonight, excuse my laziness, I copied this from a guitar forum I’m on.

hey, I’m not in the clear yet. Had a mild panic attack on the way to pick up my other daughter (11) tonight.

However 3 hours before that, I felt like I was high on percosets. This was after taking a taurine.

In the book The Mood Cure there are many things for many people. It’s complicated, but at the same time simple as you only have to deal with 6-7 amino acids. It’s finding out what works that is key.

So a journal is essential. I haven’t even had a chance to really sit down and read the book, but will this weekend. I have to know everything, just my ocd nature I guess.

Before I picked up my kid I ate a good dinner. Spinach in the blender with carrots and cabbage, which was about 6 servings of vegetables and 1/2 hour later had 3 scrambled eggs with cottage cheese and green tabasco (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it) and took a tryptophan and 1/2 of a 750mg gaba. I forgot they were 750’s and not 500’s which are recommended in the book. Actually they recommend starting off with 100mg. So I think this combo kicked my ass as my eyes were heavy while driving, which I think contributed to my panic.

I also had tea on the way which has caffine, which I have to completely eliminate from my diet as well as the 4 sugars which were in it. So, to try to fix myself admist being a sugaroholic is only defeating myself. The book explains tactics to get off sugar completely. I watched a vid of this lady who wrote the book and says “it’s easy to get people off sugar, if I can get a crack addict off crack and feeling normal within a week, sugar is nothing.”
So it’s trial and error. But here’s the key. I haven’t needed klonazepam for a good day. I find that when my energy is low, I get tired and this contributes to my panic for some odd reason. Perhaps an underactive thyroid or combination of too much adrenal corticoids and catacolomines.

It’s tough figuring out this shit on your own. It really pisses me the fuck off that I have to do it to. But just like oil changes, I have to do it myself. If I hand the mechanic mobil 1, he’s going to give my car shit oil. Medical science should not be in the name of fucking greed. But I’ll try not to get into that as my attitude is about that is probably well known about that now, LOL.

So I’m going to have to just experiment. One other alternative that works better in some folks is 5htp which is another form of l-tryptophan. Basically it works like this 5htp > L-tryptophan > seratonin in the body. However you must have other constituents in the body for the proper conversion. So if say, your lacking in C vitamin, I read that it’s not going to be as efficient. Being that I smoke, this saps your Vit C, so I’m going to have to up that a bit.

The real problem is the book recommends 1-3 and sometimes 1-4 500mg capsules till you find out what works. As mentioned, I don’t want to experiment with this shit at work too much so I’ve been way on the low side of the dosing. Besides the mild managable panic attacks in the car, I feel overall very fucking well. 90% better than last weekend and before last weekend it was a good solid 3 months of death feelings, dread and (wife and baby flip over in the car and die) type of thoughts 24/7.

Since the aminos, I have had none of those feelings and if any, low to none. As mentioned, I’m pretty psyched about this stuff and my fear of going to the nut house is nill as of now. I have some fucking hope. Thoughts of taking prozac, effexor and all the rest of that shit I’ve been on in the past just make me more depressed as I understand what those drugs do to you as I’ve been on them all and they all SUCK. They do nothing but mask a problem. So when I spout off about them, I speak not out of my ass but of the experience of actually taking them.

Some have mentioned to me “impossible to feel the effects of zoloft in 2 days”, well I say bullshit. It’s something new I introduced to my body after not taking it for 6 years and all I felt when it was in my system was dread, lethargy and misery. I’d seriously rather be dead than have to take any of that shit again. Get the book, it’s the best fucking $12 I ever spent in my life. As I told my wife who was a bit upset at the price of supplements. There’s no price on mental health. I’d sell all my guitars and never play again if it meant a lifetime of feeling normal. No fucking price on it.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

here’s the deal with the aminos. It’s complicated but simple at the same time. I have just about every symptom from a 4 part questionaire that deals with specific chemicals in the brain. Scared the shit out of me at first. So what I do is this. I attack what is bothering me the most, which is the overwhelming feeling of dread, death and panic. The other stuff like lethargy and apathy and the like can wait.

Now there are 6 essential ones I’m dealing with now. The trouble is if your mixing them all up (and this is completely safe) in the lowest dosages, usually 500mg you don’t know which ones are helping. I want to be good before I go on vacation in a couple weeks, so I’m keeping a strict journal of what I take when, which foods I’m eating, etc… and monitoring how I feel throughout the day. It has to be this way.

DL-Phenylanine - emotional pain
L-glutamine - emotinal pain
l-tryptophan - chief precursor to seratonin (overall feeling of well being)
Gaba - helps you relax
L-tyrosine - energy
l-taurine - tension
B-complex (not an amino)
Vitamin C - helps certain aminos convert to their associated brain chemicals
Calcium - helps certain aminos convert to their associated brain chemicals
Fish Oil - Omega’s

Dietary changes. Eggs, 3 per day minimum - plenty of vegetables - doing my usual spinach, carrot, apple shakes

Cutting out oat meal and white breads (glutens) and using whole grain breads and Olive oil (not extra virgin) coconut oil as well.
Turkey, chicken, beef, REAL BUTTER (which I’ve been eating a while)
whole milk (1% + 2% actually turns into sugar in the body) which screws up your metabolic function. All the supermarkets I frequent do sell free range meat, which I’ll be purchasing this weekend, till the fucking government outlaws that. Anything to get you on meds, FUCKS.

So far, what seems to help me the most is the taurine, the gaba and the L-tyrosine which one capsule makes me feel like I’m God. I shit you not.
Now on the first day I was like as my usual scientific background and upbringing does not believe anything unless it’s explainable. This is completely explainable as per the book I’m reading, I’m just in disbelief and shock. I’m trying hard to rid myself of this analytical behavior and take things at face value. But after a couple days of this I’m really coming to the conclusion that I’ve discovered a fucking miracle and I’ve never actually felt normal in 37 years. I’m researching this stuff about 8 hours a day as I’m still in fucking disbelief.

I might have mentioned this and I’m still in disbelief with this as well that my chronic back pain that I’ve had for years and years was not back pain at all but tension. I have not had it in 2 days. I’ve been to chiropractors 5 of them and had every test there is. Nothing wrong with my back, it was my fucking mind.


Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.


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