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Melanotan 2


Is this a commercial ad or what? Also there are at least two ex members on this thread.

Melanotan 2

I’ve been using Melanotan II for a few years now but only during the cold months. I had studied the tanning/libido peptide long before I tried it. There is a slight learning curve with this one like anything: the dosage is actually based on your skin type I, II, or III, III being the darkest. I have some Cherokee Indian in my blood so I usually only burn once then tan all summer. I would say a safe dosage for anyone is to start small, 100mcg day 1, 250mcg day 3, and then gradually maybe to 500mcg. At times, I’ve taken a 1 MG (or 1000mcg).

As far as the freckles or moles, yes.. This one is somewhat a roll of the dice. I had a freckle near my nose turn into a slight mole (not elevated) which I’ve actually grown quite fond of. It’s quite amusing to me catching up with old friends and seeing them stir over the darker skin during the winter months and the freckling. Most people ask: Do you tan? I’m like.. Well no.. Not exactly :) And then the look of bewilderment on their face is absolutely hilarious because I rarely share peptide usage with general public..

I would advise anyone.. Especially those with skin type I mentioned above, please mix UV light or natural sunlight with your routine. Optimally here’s how a schedule would go:

Day 1 - test dosage 100mcg subcutaneous. Note that body’s response to it. You should feel general facial flushing / nausea after the first 5-10 minutes which seems to last invariable around an hour or so.. I’ve noticed, and you will read this elsewhere, people tend to want to stretch more.. It feels really good to stretch.. The libido effect is actually 4 hours after the dosage.

Day 2 - skip
Day 3 - 250mcg
Day 4 - skip
Day 5 - 500mcg
Day 6 - skip
Day 7 - 500mcg / 750mcg dosage

So basically find a higher dosage you like but I would advise to stay in these ranges.. Do NOT overdose this peptide. It’s effects at larger dosages are not entirely understood.

Good results with Melanotan 2

I’ve tried Melanotan 2 - I have type II skin (burns a lot, gets only a tiny amount of tan from all that). With MT-2 I got a nice tan with very minimal exposure to sun. I thought it looked very natural - certainly a heck of a lot better than all those lotions that make me orange.

I have moles and discolorations in various areas - have had them for years. Yes, the Melanotan definitely made them darker. They reverted to their normal color about 2 months after I stopped using the Melanotan.

Does it make me horny? Oh wow, yes. Let me rephrase that - it gives me a raging hard on, but it doesn’t make me a horny maniac. The erections come and go on their own schedule - I have absolutely no control over them. You’re reading the morning paper, eating a piece of toast, and B O I N G .. It’s a fantastic quality erection too.

The big problem is that I haven’t quite figured out how to control the erection effects. For example, 5 IU doesn’t affect me at all. 6 does a tiny bit - like 5 hours later (no exaggeration). 8 units has good results in 3 hours, and lasts (on and off, thank goodness) for 5 hours. Another time I take a 6, and get no results for 12 hours and they last for 9 hours. 10 units took 5 hours to kick in, and lasted for 8 hours !? It’s all over the place, not uniform or predictable at all. I’ve started experimenting again. Ahhh - I should correct something. I just remembered that most of these experiments were with PT-141, NOT MT-2. Supposedly the exact same thing as MT-2, just without the tanning effect. So far, I don’t think that’s true - I get rather different sexual results from the 2 different peptides.

I owned stock in Palatin when they were hot on the development route, years ago. Now I know why they got shot down as an aphrodisiac.

Speaking of which, I’m back experimenting with MT-2 as an aphrodisiac. When I stopped taking it a few months ago, I thought it didn’t alter my libido at all. But I actually think it did - much more than I thought! About a week after I stopped, so did my sex drive. I don’t mean the hard ons - just pure old sex drive, that nice nasty feeling. So I’m thinking that the aphrodisiac effects are subtle but very real - I’ll re-post in a few weeks to see if it’s having a good effect.


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