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Masala chai or Chai

Masala chai or Chai

I am surprised that no one has mention the above before but it is traditional drink in India to have spices mixed in a tea and drunk daily very popular in Australia maybe has caught on in USA yet I do not know.

Everyone her talks about the potential use of this and that spice but in reality Indian/Pakistanis have been using a mix of spices for a long log time with obvious health benefits including PE.

I do NOT believe that you guys have long threads on individual infusions yet Indian chai combines a any number of spices and drank with tea and milk

ingredients can be ginger, cinnamon or cassia bark, cardamon, nigella, fennel, fenugreek etc

I like mixed spice tea (chai) depending on the spices. Hard to talk about the health benefits without specifying which spices.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

According to wiki masala chai is not one brand of tea but made up of a few with spices added so before I try this I need details of which specific teas your taking including any spices.

Basically you can include/exclude any spices although there are no specific spices there are some that are often used like ginger,cardamon and cinnamon. The tea and milk serve as vehicle with a little sugar and that is all required for a chai. I must add that often use green tea which is the smaller top leaf picked green

There are few sites that show how o make chai



Thank you sricardo.


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