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Male Factor 1000

Male Factor 1000


has anyone here tried Male Factor 1000? My friend swears by this, and gave me a bottle.

from the web:

“Male Factor 1000® is a proprietary blend of premium oats, nettle and ginseng and is specially formulated for men. It helps increase vitality, stamina and endurance”

anyway, please lemme know if anyone tried this


I’m sure it’s the same as all the over priced stuff out there but let us know how you like it

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I would say that I’m suspicious of anything that says ‘proprietary blend’.
Me, I like to know what I’m taking and how much.

Twinlabs makes Male Fuel they sell it at the Vitamin Shoppe web-site for under thirty dollars.

This is about a month supply depending how much you take. If you take three a day, in the morning as a base line and then take an additional three at night an hour before action you should notice a difference. If you average two in the morning and two at night as your base you will notice your morning wood improving (returning?).

It does contain Yohimbe which you should exercise caution with. At the level in this dosage it’s probably safe unless you have a history of heart trouble or are on any kind of meds that would be a bad mix. MAO inhibitors, SSRI, blah, blah.. I’ve taken nine in a day and, while I do notice my heart gets to racing a little easier, I have been fine otherwise. Morning wood is definitely harder. And night-time wood is positively raging with the right partner. ;)

The Vitamin Shoppe also makes it’s own line of products, which are considerably cheaper. Their Super Male-Plex is a good base line supplement. By base line I mean something taken daily, with a regular multi-vitamin or whatever vitamin regimen you are on. You could augment that with the Male fuel and it would still be cheaper in the long run.

I used to take the Vitamin Shoppe’s Python supplements and found them to be a good base line. When I wanted to kick it up a notch I’d add three of the Male Fuel. This worked pretty well.

With any of this stuff, though, you have consider what else you are taking. If you take a lot of these things and are taking thermogenic supplements for weight lifting you could be overdosing on certain things. You have educate yourself. Try a few things conservatively and then see what works. Better living through chemistry, just don’t treat your body like it can do anything with the right pill..

Another reason I hate the “proprietary blend” crap, is that many of the ingredients on these products can be bought individually, so with time and experimentation you could mix and match your own.

I find the Nox 2 (or rather The Vitamin Shoppe’s cheaper knock-off NoX 3000) works well with Pan-ax Ginseng liquid.

There are all kinds of strategies.

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