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maca and arginine ketoglutarate

maca and arginine ketoglutarate

I’m still obsessed with maximizing my cum load. I’m wondering now which brands and which sales outlets/stores are the best for maca powder and arginine ketoglutarate (also in powder, I think). Thanks for any pointers, advice, recipes, or what worked for you.

I get maca from The 1 kg size now sells for $27.95 plus shipping, but I see they’re out of stock at the moment.

I get regular arginine from But I see they have AAKG for $9.00 for 150 gm. plus shipping. Their prices are normally pretty good.

But I’m not sure either of these will do what you want. Some say they do, but others see no effect.

Anyone else have any clue? Are some brands better than others? What has worked for you?

I take this, in addition to A-Akg.

It’s a two month supply.

It’s cheap and it works for me.

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