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Losing libido

Losing libido

because of too much of PE.

Which is the best product that can help?

Erection is still very good, but unfortunately Im losing
little bit of wish to have sex.



Pumpman :wave:

No ideas?

My girlfriend just begins to wonder whats up with me - plz help!


Pumpman :wave:

This reply is a bump up. Lot’s of libido boosters out there. I am trying Tongkat ali, biotin, and arginine right now. Nothing spectacular. Some guys go for yohimbe. Makes me jittery.

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Get some rest and relax. Try to have sex in a new and different place. The car, the den, the patio, just somewhere new. It might help.


The best supplement is just some plain rest from PE for a couple of days or more. You’d be surprised at how quick your dick can jump back into the game with just a few days of R and R.


Maca powder - 4-5g / day

Works well for me for ‘libido’ not for erectile function or anything like that, just lust and desire…

Maca and horney goat weed both worked for me in the past…

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I just have ordered some of your above mentioned stuff - I will post my experiences with it.


Pumpman :wave:

Just relax and get your mind in the right frame and you should get your interest back in making love. After all don’t you want to try your member out on your woman?

Maca is some petty magical shit. Try to get the gelatinized extract. It’s the active stuff with all the potato starch removed.

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Take a few days off from pe

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hey pumpman

i use:
glutammine morning and night
especially when I do gym
arginine-ornitine before going bed
I have…crazy easy erections at night
becouse it’s a releaser of NO
(the agent that permit the
relaxment of the tessues
devolved to erection )
and avena sativa
(two, three week and one month off)
Of course you can use
tribulus and zinc
and selenium (I like to find it in the food)
Others things I have tryed but
I think they have collateral effects that I dont like.
for me this is the best
and it works.

have a good time


I can see how PE would affect quality of erections, but I fail to see how it could possibly effect your libido. Your sex drive mainly comes from hormones, etc. so some stretching or pumping should have no effect on that.

Pumpman., I agree with rest for this problem. But you did not describe your circumstances. Anyone can have temporary loss of libido due to many things. Stress, being the most of it. Some times a week will go by and I dont touch my wife at all. Then there are weeks when I just cant get enough of her and she is begging me to let her rest. :) Could be just stress. Chill out and read a good book.

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