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Liver pills for protein?

Liver pills for protein?

I am wondering if Liver pills would be a good way to supplement the protein intake for PE exercises and for light weight lifting. Does anyone on here take these?


Waste of money

Dessicated Liver capsules contain some vitamins and minerals but little protein and are priced relatively high. Take whey for your protein needs and/or get it from food.

Whey has the highest biological value for protein, which approaches 100%. This means you absorb almost every gram you ingest. Caution: When you supplement with whey do so over a period of twenty minutes because your body will quickly convert the whey to energy if given too much at one time. Just my tidbit, BC

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Big Cat

Thanks for your reply and information. I appreciate it very much.


Don't Need Much, Stay Away from Liver

You don’t need extra protein for PE. The amount of tissue we gain PEing for a MONTH is probably only a few grams because a lot of the volume or an erect dick is blood anyway. You can get over 8 grams of protein from one glass of milk. Also the liver is where you (or the animal the pills came from) process all the weird, toxic stuff you eat. Why would you want to eat that?


protein, the big question

The amount of protein is not hte question……what you want is the maximal protein intake for YOU…….

You should experiment with various protein sources.
(btw, milk should not be considered a “good” source unless you are of B blood type)

wHAT Does your body “say?” The most effortless protein source to digest is usually the best source for you

i highly recommend eating according to the book LIVE RIGHT FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE……..the charts indicate which protein sources are AVOIDS/BENEFICIAILS/ OR NEUTRALS for your blood type.

I am not here to argue blood type theory, i’m just offering an option
The author is DR. PETER D’ADAMO adn the book is probably available at your local library.
It is important in a way WHICH protein source you use since these options affect blood flow and blood-type reactions in the body. More important for the small gains…….i.e. like easier growth from .25 “

I’m blood type O, so red meat is really my only real true source. I hate fish, but instinctively, w/o reading the book, red meat has doen wonders for my overall musculature but i can’t say whether my pc muscle is much different. But it works on the same principle.

wow, i sure am short on brevity, eh?

Hi EnrichedFlow,

” It is important in a way WHICH protein source you use since these options affect blood flow and blood-type reactions in the body. More important for the small gains…….i.e. like easier growth from .25 ” “

A 1” length gain is my goal but my first .25” has been eluding me for a year now. I don’t mean any offence but how sure are you about this blood type theory?

I am an A blood type and red meat is my main protein source.
Is there a compatibility problem here? What am i supposed to be consuming for protein?

Thanks in advance.

uh oh, health advice

Do not take my word for it. I just use the BLOOD TYPE DIET THEORY(of course you should note the volumes of clinical & lab evidenc supporting) as a RATIONALE to support my own INSTINCTUAL feelings towards the food that enters my mouth.

Also, i don’t want to tell you what to do. YOu might possibly be that one out of a million A blood type with THIn BLOOD(a genetic condition).

TYPICALLY…………..your A blood type does well on peanuts and soy(despite its aftertaste it does have benefits for you) & WHITE meats like chicken or fish at the most.

POSSSIBLY……you might be able to eat meat ONLY if it is GRASS FED.

See, the thing is………you already have THICK blood…….type As are like that…so bringin red meat into the mix will even “thicken” that condition……which leads to blockages & who needs blockage when you’re doing PE.

I could go on and on……..but here are the resources

or (there’s a section where you can actually submit specific questions )

good luck

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