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Lecithin users come here

Lecithin users come here

I’m curious why people are taking 8-10 gelcaps of Lecithin, when they could just take 1 tablespoon of Soy Lecithin Granules. Many of you are takin Triple Lecithin 1200. A lot of people complain about the taste of the granules, just get the apple cinnamon verson from GNC.

One tablespoon of granular lecithin supplies 1725 mg of phosphatidylcholine and 250 mg of choline. Two tablespoons provides approximately the typical daily dietary intake of choline for most people. Lecithin soft gel capsules (1200 mg) provide about 180 mg of phosphatidylcholine and 26 mg of choline. Ten capsules are equivalent to one tablespoon of granular lecithin.


I would like to start a new thread about the great things that have happened since I started taking NO2, lecithen, pygeum and tons of water.
I’ve tried and it says that I don’t have the ability. How can I contact a moderator to gain access to start a new thread?



You are currently limited to the newbie forum. You need 20 posts and to have been on the forum for 14 days (completed already) in order to start threads in the other forums.

Welcome to the forum, by the way.


What effects have you noticed with lecithin? Assuming of course that you use it regularly.

What has your volume been like since starting this?

How many ‘spoons do you take in a day?

I gave up on lecithin a while back since it didn’t seem to
do anything.

That’s a good question . I found a full bottle of lecithin , and I don’t know if it does anything , and if I should start using it.

I don’t want more sperm ,just harder erections. can anyone clarify if lecithin does anything?

well ..?

I use one tablespoon of Nowfoods liquid lechithin, and 540 mg of ALPHA-GPC. I take them for nootropic purposes combined with aniracetam and ALCAR. I like the combo so far, especially the ALCAR.


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