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Hey guys i’m new to PE but have tried several of the pills (enzyte and extend) just for fun. No gain

just a little harder and longer lasting erections. I have been on 2500mg of pure L-Argine for 3 months and have found a huge difference in stanima, hardness, and even small gains in gerth. I have also found that it does a number of other things as well. Please give me feed back on anyone else using L-Aginine. I am now at a point to start PE i have sat back and read article after article on the subject. I have a good start i’m 5.75 gerth and 6.5 long (hard) i would like to hit 6.5 gerth and 7.5 long. All the information i have found here seems to be better than the pay sites could ever offer and it’s good to have support of fellow PE ers. Good Luck guys and never stop growing.

Hi cardpayment4 - Welcome to Thunder’s Place. I found 97 threads that contain the search term “L-arginine” in the Supplements Forum. You can do the search using the button at the top right of every page. To make it easier to find the more relevant threads the search page has a “sort by” feature. You can sort by title, number of replies, number of views, etc. You might want to try a few searches and see if any of the threads on this subject might be helpful to you.


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