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Keeping your credit details secure.

Keeping your credit details secure.

I recently bought some supplememnts (Amino acids) from and paid for it via Paypal.

All went well until I received an e-mail from BB asking me to confirm, by e-mail, my credit security code and address. As apparently they differed from data held by them. Meanwhile the goods were ready for despatch, but would be put on hold. Pending receipt of the code.

I didn’t like the idea of giving that info anyway, and no chance at all of sending it by e-mail. So I contacted Paypal to see what they thought of this, as it seemed odd that Paypal would send this data on anyway.

They replied that they did not recommend I gave out the information.

I emailed BB saying no way and to refund my money if they stil wanted this information.

I heard nothing until I contacted BB by their direct talk line. Then it was soerted out immediately and the goods are on their way.

So the moral of the story is DON’T give any details. and view any such request with suspicion and check at source.

I doubt that this was the official policy of BB, and assume that someone was trying on a crafty one.

They probably aren’t working there anymore.


Yeah I never will give any information via email it’s a big scam that most people fall for. Whenever I order over the Internet I use a bank card from a checking account that I will put the money in when I want to use it. I would never use a credit card that had had a huge credit limit.

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I got a story for you guys. I ordered some stuff from tigerdirect dot com yesterday. My order was placed successfully and just as I was about to hang out the sale rep (a guy) goes oh btw what is the last four digits of your social…I went WTF he said we need it for veriifcation purpose. I told him straight up I am not giving my ssn to you cause I never have to when ordering stuff on the phone. I’m gonna wait till my item comes in and get the tracking number and trace the guy who asked me that question and report his ass.


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