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Yea your total test should be around higher. http://www.mens-hormonal-health.com…els-in-men.html

Did they remove a testicle? If so that’s why. But you are taking everything you need. You already know what you’re talking about.

Get that T cream that you put on your balls. Honestly I would try D Aspratic acid. And make sure you don’t take in to much protein. I know body builders….protein protein protein! But when you take in to much your body pissed out T.

You may have sleep apnea or you snore badly causing you to wake and interrupting the body from its hormone release cycles at night.

Yes, my left testicle has been removed. I was in phase 3 with metastasis. I am using Androforte 5, but very-very small amount. I have tried the Purus Labs D-Pol (d aspartic acid), but I did not feel anything. My next try will be a quality Fadogia agrestis and/or Bulbine natalensis product. I don’t take too much protein.