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I Just Discovered A Secret In My Kitchen

I Just Discovered A Secret In My Kitchen

I was in the kitchen the other day. I started mixing different things together.
I musta mixed at least 100 things in my ice cream maker & somehow I discovered an ancient formula. Ist that just a trip?

Yep it was originaly discovered right at the time money started being around. Which is a long time ago right?

It was originaly called “Money Beans” They are these little bean looking pills. You plant them.

Well first you give money for them or your beans become impotent
right away. So You need to pay at least 50.00 per bean or you will have a crummy crop. If you pay more than 50.00 you could actually win the lottery. No shitt.

At least 1 in every 64 trillion win the lottery if they pay more than
100 dollars a bean.

Oh yea you have to plant it during the last 5 seconds of a Blue Moon & you need to have placed it before hand for 1 hour in the presence of a Real Pope.

And you will win the lottery. If you want to sell the beans to others for a profit let me know. I will hook you right up.

By the way I have a witch doctor friend that endorses these beans. But hes invisible so only I can see him.

But if you need to know anything I will find out for you! But he says these beans are a sure thing. So you know by that right there its true.

Plus its a way to make money if you decide to become a walking “Money Bean AD” & convince people to give money for them.

Thats gonna be the hard part! Convincing everyone that your not just “FULL OF BEANS” or “FARTING AROUND”

But Its getting popular. So somebody just might believe you!!!Maybe if they are hypnotized it would probably work the best.
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>in the presence of a Real Pope.

Will Shane McGowan do?

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What the hell is that post about?

Robert Anton Wilson has a little card that makes you a pope instantly, including your cat.

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