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I just bought some L-Arginine powder


Fill empty capsules

I’ve been buying L-Arginine in bulk form, I also buy empty capsules to scoop the powder into. It’s a small hassle but I use fairly large size capsules so I don’t have to do too many.

Now, for what it’s worth.. Here’s some other info I’ve gathered from, what I thought at the time I read it, were reliable sources.

Take a small amount of L-Arginine, 500mg - 1g on a daily basis; in addition, no more than 4-5 times per week take a larger dose of 3g - 5g. Take the larger dose 45 mins to an hour before you want the boost; say right before PE or having sex. The idea is to consistently supplement with a small, reasonable amount and only occasionally boost with a larger dose. Of course the principle can be applied with individuals using different dosages which work for them.

L-Orthinine can be a good compliment to L-Arginine and make it more effective. The amount of L-Orthinine I take is just slightly less than the lower, daily amount of L-Arginine but then I don’t take any extra L-Orthinine when I do the mega-dose of L-Arginine. In general I’ve heard that many supplements work better when paired with a certain other ingredient. If you want to take extra calcium, you should also take a little extra magnesium; if you want the benefits of ginkgo biloba then also take siberian ginseng, etc.

Here’s something I thought of on my own, so again, for what it’s worth.. I set up a small to medium dosage (for me) which is about 1g - 2g in the capsules and put them near my bed with a drink of water when I go to bed. I wake up in the morning anywhere from 30 mins to an hour before I need to get out of bed, when I’m most likely pitchin’ morning wood, and take the L-Arginine and get a bit more rest. I may do a few pumps or squeezes if I’m awake enough. I wouldn’t really consider this any sort of serious PE, more of just a general health habit, a little boost. The idea is to take my daily dosage around a time that I am naturally going to be erect anyways.

To pauly2: I’ve read a fair amount about l-arginine and never heard of any connection to testosterone. I wouldn’t rule it out but my hunch is that if there is a connection to testosterone it would be sort of indirect. It’s also my hunch that if sellers believed that if there were even the slightest relationship they would be touting that on their advertisements. As far as Maca is concerned I see no reason why there would be a problem taking both. I believe they are pretty unrelated to each other in the way they work. L-arginine occurs naturally in foods. You would have to eat a pretty large amount of those foods to get the dosages we are talking about here but in general it’s a pretty naturally occurring supplement so it shouldn’t conflict with anything else. I’ve taken fair amounts of both together and never had a problem.

One other thing about L-Arginine. For those prone to getting cold sores and/or canker sores, taking large amounts of L-Arginine can increase outbreaks. This happens with me. I can take L-Arginine for months with no problems, then suddenly I get several outbreaks that are difficult to heal. Over time I know I can attribute my increased outbreaks to my intake of L-Arginine. To remedy this, I also take L-Lysine on a regular basis. Just taking L-Lysine has practically eliminated mouth sore outbreaks for me. When I do rarely get them I give a little boost to my L-Lysine intake and the sores are very minor and heal almost immediately.

Now through this site I’m learning for the first time about the possible benefits of L-Citrulline. I may decide to throw this in the mix. I pause with a small concern that I’m overdoing it with too many different supplements, but ultimately not too concerned because amino acids are not potent medicinal compounds, but rather simple building blocks of proteins and occur naturally in foods.

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