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I came twice

I came twice

Guys I was fucking last night, I’m 23 and first of all after I finished I found out that the condom had busted, but I did not nut inside her. Seems like I don’t get much stimulation or something, and I even had on an extra thin condom. Anyway earlier that night I had taken some of those all night long pills, I took 2 and a third from another brand. Felt like it made me sick, but I decided to get a blow job after I pulled out and do the old jack myself off and cum in her mouth. So I came and I thought I was finished but then I started jacking off right after and another nice load came out. Do you think this could have been the result of the pills. It just seemed like it was more cum than usual, and I came twice in like 2 minutes.

Sounds like whichever pills you were taking (Viagra?) took effect. I would say that’s why you could keep going.

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Sounds good to me. Is this a complaint? Guess you would have to have a control experiment and do exactly the same thing but without the pills. Then try with the pills again, repeat until you know for sure! I’m sure this will be extremely boring and mundane task but if you gotta do what you gotta do!

I will expect a full written experiment plan, hypothesis, table of results, and conclusion in on my desk by Monday.


It was like I had been drinking, and you know how that numbs you. Then this girl called and said she was coming over. Me in my drunkenness was like oh shit, I’m in no shape to fuck. So I took the three pills. She took longer to get here than I expected so by the time she got here I had sobered up some. We went with her friends and got something to eat and smoked some weed, then hey dropped her off at my house and went somewhere. I did kinda feel like I wasn’t getting as hard as I usually do though. Might have just been nervous and the booze and weed. But yea it was just some of those pills you by in a convenient store. I’ll try just taking one next time and not getting so drunk.

So do you guys think it was the pills

Sorry waytoobig, you will have to elaborate on the pills. In my local convienience store all they sell is scones, jam and tea.

Name and Manufacturer?



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