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Hello maleONcanada,

Long time since you’re last post how’s the PE going?

Sorry I haven’t heard of the site. Have you used it at all?

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You better read the fine print on this one, MOC:

“Please Read the Consent to Medical Care Note: (For first time orders, a referral fee of $49.95 US will be charged for referral only to another business which will supply me with the drugs.”

and “I also understand that after a non-medical professional (who is NOT a doctor and does not have the power or knowledge to diagnose, prescribe or recommend any medication or course of treatment) has seen my completed questionnaire and decided to refer me to another web site which sells prescription medications, I hereby authorize a charge of $49.95 US to be charged to my credit card for the lay man’s, non-medical decision to refer me to a prescribing web site. I understand that these charges are in addition to the cost of the prescription medication or any other purchase I may make in the future from any other web site or business. I agree that DOES NOT provide any medications or tangible products of any kind and as such is unable to accept returns or issue refunds for any orders of prescription drugs bought by referral from this web site to any other business.”


This appears to me to be a referral site, for which you are charged $50 or so, THEN you go to another site and pay whatever they are asking. In the end, not a bargain, is my guess.




nope haven’t used it…just wondering if anyone had. Haven’t really started the PE yet…too lazy I guess hehe…will start soon though!


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