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herpes breakouts

herpes breakouts

Hello guys, I am new here. Rather new to PE as well.

What I would like to know is whether or not PE can increase frequency of herpes genitalia breakouts. Which exercises are most risky for breakouts?

I’ve had herpes for six or seven years. The first year, I had a number of big breakouts. After some years, it mellowed out. Last few years, I’ve had about 2-4 very small breakouts per year.

Five weeks ago, I started doing PE. After one week, I had a breakout. Continued to do PE, and after two weeks I had one week rest (because of travel). Then started PE again, and two days ago a bigger breakout. I almost NEVER have two breakouts so close to each other.

Any thoughts? I read that some PE-herbs might increase breakouts.

Mabey the increased stimulation caused a unwarranted breakout. I would think that after some time your penis would get used to the workouts and the break-outs would fade again.

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I believe you should take lysiene or some other supplememnt to stop herpes. I believe Olive oil might work too. There was some threads on this either here or at Pe Forums.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

there are plenty of antivirals available now to shorten breakouts and can be used even to prevent them, check with your Doc.

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I never took any medication for my herpes. Main reason for that is that I have to have a prescription for the medication, and I tend to ignore herpes in-between breakouts. When the breakout is obvious, I realize I should have gotten medication, but then it’s too late to start to eat it anyway.

I don’t know what Lysiene is. Is it a natural pill or something needing prescription? We have medications Valaciklovir, Aciklovir and Famciklovir here.

Olive Oil?! Dipping my dick in it, or drink it? :)

Lysine is an amino acid and is supposed to help Herpes. Alot of PE’ers take Arginine, and this is supposed to be very bad for people with herpes. You should look into Arginine and avoid those foods such as nuts and certain meats that have large amounts of it.


Try taking either L-Lysine (an amino acid) or Olive Leaf (an herb). Both are suppose to help supress breakouts and lesions heal faster.

The info I was able to find on the internet about Olive Leaf looks promising. It is has anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Studies have been done with Olive Leaf on subjects having Herpes or Shingles (very similar to herpes, both belong to the zoster viral family) with positive results.

DMC, if Arginine is good for PE, and L-Lysine inhibits the Arginine levels, does that mean that L-Lysine is counter-productive with respect to PE?

Lysine itself isn’t doesn’t hinder PE. Lysine does compete with Arginine for absorption in the digestive track, but you would probably be best avoiding large amounts of Arginine anyway. Arginine is beneficial for healing wounds, building up the immune system, GH release, and the release of NO. NO is what’s responsible for erections, so obviously Arginine can assist in achieving erections. Normally you would have enough Arginine from a regular diet unless you weight lift/vigorously exercise in which you normally should supplement diet with more protein or just eat more meat. Most amino acids haven’t had extensive testing, and I really can’t be too certain about anything. I’ve tried Arginine myself, and have found 3-5 grams to be effective for NO release, and would certainly recommend this over Yohimbe.

My original question is still valid, namely…

Whether anyone also has experienced an increase in herpes genitalis episodes from PE.

Euro: I think that is quite possible - trauma (irritation of the penis skin) CAN increase outbreaks.

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