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Herbal pills


You know the title of this thread is “herbal Pills’, but it seems the pills really contain ground meat. What is herbal about ground penis?

Stevie where do you come by the information that MDMA is addictive? Are you saying physically addictive?

I grew up in NY, Queens and LI, and went through a few years of hard clubbing and partying. E was my drug of choice (never put it in my ass but i have heard of it). Did ton’s of research on its effects. I don’t remember coming across any info on it being addictive. I gave up drugs and that life style when my daughter was born 3 years ago.

Nev as I’ve said to you information on the ingredients should be made available. If you are planning on selling these in the US you should know all of them including any filler. Make the list available.


I said Ecstasy is addictive, not specifically MDMA. Most of the times it’s the lifestyle that’s addicting, but in a lot of cases it is physically addicting, especially when it’s cut up with cocaine and/or heroine.

Even if an ingredient list is given, I wouldn’t trust it. If I was an ecstasy manufacturer or dealer I would tell you whatever it takes to make you buy my product. It’s not like the FDA is regulating things.

Stevie Ecstasy is MDMA. All the other crap is just cut. Unfortunately because of the illicit nature of it you can’t control content or quality.

Please cut me some slack on the analogy here but if some nut started cutting aspirin with coke and repressing the pills is it accurate to say aspirin is addictive?


>>Ecstasy is MDMA. All the other crap is just cut. Unfortunately because of the illicit nature of it you can’t control content or quality.<<

I agree, but when I (and most uninformed people) think of the drug called ‘Ecstasy’ we think of the combination including the cut parts, not just MDMA. Most doctors and drug awareness programs explain what E is like this… “The main element in ecstasy is MDMA”. Even they don’t get it right.

>>Please cut me some slack on the analogy here but if some nut started cutting aspirin with coke and repressing the pills is it accurate to say aspirin is addictive?<<

Not if it’s only one or two nuts that are doing it, but once the majority of pills contain these addictive chemicals along with the benign core element, then yes it would be accurate to say it’s addictive.

Is sucks that the manufacturers/dealers continue to cut up and sell E with all this shit in it, but that’s the nature of the business. They will do whatever it takes to keep their customers coming back. Not a lot of morals and ethics in the drug game. Unless you can somehow get a reputable (not necessarily governing) body to regulate the content of every pill being made, then the fear and unknowning will still exist.

I definitely agree with you that the vast majority of the stuff on the street contains other ingredients, and unfortunately it is sold under the name E although it is not. I definitely understand where your coming from but i don’t agree. Real Ecstasy is MDMA not the cut. The cheaper diluting substances added are addictive not the MDMA. There are many times more knock off Coach or Prada bags sold on the streets of NY then the real deal. They aren’t very good quality. This doesn’t mean that Coach makes a crappy product.

Back in the day I did my share of cut pills but I also had a few sources that would get me true Exctasy. Also at many large events there are booths set up that will test your pill for purity for free.

P.S. - I find it incredibly funny that the spell checker corrected my spelling of the word crappy. :)

trips, I agree with everything you say. Real ecstasy is MDMA and is not addictive by itself. The thing I’m saying is that when most people (not in the know) hear the word Ecstasy, they think of a pill which contains the MDMA and all the other bi products, not just MDMA. This image of theirs is brought out of ignorance and fear. Sucks that’s the way it is, but unless the drug is made legal and regulated by the FDA, that fear and unfair grouping by the mass public will remain.

Originally Posted by stevie31
Yes, I’m very serious. A few of my mates swear by it and won’t take it any other way. Sorry I can’t hook you up though, I personally refuse to even try the stuff. It burns holes in your brain.

Well, the way I look at it is that it provides better ventilation for the remaining cells. It’s like the old, “that kills brain cells” line. My reply? “They were weak and deserved to die anyway. It’s not like they helped me solve any crossword puzzles or anything…”

I kind of choked on my coffee when the realization came to me that people will insert things up their asshole to catch a better buzz. But this is also coming from someone so homophobic, that he told his wife that given the option on whether to let his kid die or actually insert that suppository up his violently ill sons butt-hole, told the missus, “Come home now and do it yourself, or I’m going tombstone shopping.”

I’m not very familiar with X, since I never did it, so I have some general questions.

If it burns holes in your brain, when you shove it up your ass, why doesn’t it burn holes in your intestines?

Does smoke come out of your ears from those barbecued cells? And after you have successfully burned enough holes in your brain, do you automatically know how to compose “techno” music? It would explain a lot.

What about people with their brains in their ass to begin with? Do they get a better buzz by inserting it in an ear? Their navel?

If I give my cat Ecstasy, will it be content to just hang there all bug-eyed, sweating, and kneading the living room sofa cushions for hours while listening to the Meow Mix jingle re-sampled at a high rate of speed with a throbbing beat? Maybe I’ll do an impromptu fire up of the furnace so the steam relief valves can fuck with it’s head.

Well, I’m off to the local CVS to buy some earplugs and cotton balls, so I can plug assorted body orifices, excepting my asshole and johnson. Then, I’m going to insert a 42 horsepower Wet Dry shopvac hose up my rectum, and hopefully teach my penis to snort cocaine…. :p

Knowing my luck, I’ll probably be running around like the aardvark in those old Pink Panther cartoons.

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Now : 6.75 BPEL x 5.75 EG

Goal : 8.0 BPEL x 6.5 EG

You’re a lunatic Oscar! :chuckle:


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