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Hcg grows the penis

Originally Posted by SmileyDog
So do you agree with this chemical helping in PE or disagree? Also what does chorionic mean?

chorion: The outer membrane enclosing the embryo in reptiles, birds, and mammals. In placental mammals it contributes to the development of the placenta.

chorionic: 1 : of, relating to, or being part of the chorion <chorionic villi>
2 : secreted or produced by chorionic or a related tissue (as in the placenta or a choriocarcinoma) <human chorionic gonadotropin>

I do not agree. I suspect it is neutral to PE.

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Originally Posted by Gut Scrambler

Hmmm, I think I’ll just stick to regular PE.

You are right. I took HCG injection some years ago before I knew PE, they never work, useless. I’d like to stick to here with our PE routine, much more useful

Not trying to veer the thread but why on earth would any guy want to get less than six percent body fat if he loses his libido? I knew that happened to female athletes (and female nutty dieters) but a lot of women don’t care so much about libido. I thought that men pretty much universally did.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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Originally Posted by zaneblue

why on earth would any guy want to get less than six percent body fat if he loses his libido?

I thought that men pretty much universally did.

If your single, it’s not hard to be rid of it for a while.

I’ve not been on the board for many years. I lost interest in doing PE when I changed countries, got into a relationship etc… and PE just didn’t seem that important to me anymore. That was over 10 years ago. My unit is fairly normal size again, possibly even a little smaller, but I’ll get onto why I think that is in a moment, followed by a question to put out there:

I developed a liver condition that I still have not identified. I’ve seen several doctors and they all say the same thing “Alcoholism”. I refute that on the grounds that I don’t drink a large amount, but, I do drink chronically (several times per week). Still, I don’t believe it is anywhere close to insult the liver so much that it does permanent damage. I was getting fairly late state liver issues and didn’t know a thing about it until one day someone commented that my eyes looked a little yellow. I ignored that comment and next day they were normal again, but it came back, this time with some skin yellowing, then ascites, Edema, full on jaundice, thin blood that would not clot, varices and more. I did a couple of doctor visits and the blood work showed the same thing but getting worse (AST/ALT/lack of albumin, biliary portal hypertension and all the rest.

One side effect of this is that my liver dropped production of LDL dramatically (good thing you might think), but it’s not the diet that we get most of this from, it’s the liver (that are the building blocks of hormones amongst many other things). I lost a lot of weight - muscle and fat in equal measure, then suddenly ballooned over a period of 4 days. My normal untrained weight is usually around 75-77Kg. I was 86Kg within 4 days (!), after a shunt and a long stint of diuretics this came somewhat under control - getting ‘dry’ body at 67Kg - that’s a lot of fluids, but I did a lot more research myself and added things that the doctors hadn’t mentioned. I started getting morning wood once in a while which I hadn’t really noticed was missing, but that must have been about 3 years. I keep asking for NASH/FLD/NAFDL/Fatty liver, HBV/HCV tests but it falls on deaf ears. If I were to have something again that I couldn’t suss myself, I’d go to the doc, find out what it was, then thank them and leave (without any medication - I’ll work that out on my own). Anyhow, I’m not out of the woods yet, but all liver inflammation has been stopped dead in its tracks, fibrosis is regressing slowly, blood clots normally, colour normal (yes I still do drink the odd beer now after a 6 week complete avoidance). I don’t take ibuprophen/acetimophen or anything like that. I’m about to get into stage II of my master piece in which I’m going to aim whatevery doctor anywhere will tell you is impossible - I’m going to reverse cirrhosis! (just because it’s impossible is no reason not to do it anyway, because then it will be possible and everyone will know how to do it - I can report back on that on a monthly basis if anyone is interested - I’m not sure if I get messages to say there is a new message on here, so if I go quiet for a while then someone PM me as I know I get messages from that).

Anyhow, my question re PE: We know that women have virilization issues with steroids, and men on roids usually take anti-estrogens and HCG in their efforts to recover and regrow the balls, but little has been shown that it increases the size of your unit once that adolescence window has passed. It’s as if receptors eventually downgrade and become unresponsive to further growth.
Not that this is in anyway recommended, but what seems to have happened in my case is I’ve had an extended (at least 2 years that I know of, but could easily be 3 years) of to put it politely I’ll call it “Androgen Deprivation Therapy” (involuntary), and if I do manage the impossible and ameliorate a good deal of the cirrhosis and lose fatty acids (I am reasonably confident in achieving this despite 4 doctors all agreeing with each other). One even said I had about a year left to live and it would only go downhill from here, and the best that could be done would be to slow it down or hope for a liver transplant. I actually look forward to going to the doctors now where I used to be scared, and I can see in his face that he cannot understand why a diuretic (low dose spironolactone) would produce such startling remission (or ‘spontaneous’ as they like to call it), but I know exactly why.

So, could so many years without much androgen be considered in any way similar to having a second puberty? I just read a paper of a study done on adults, some of whom had micro-penis, some just undersized, and over the course of treatment (1500-200UI HCG 3 times a week for 3 months) they added on average 2” length and proportional gains in girth. I’m right now back to a tad under 6” where I had got it to about 7.25” on a good day with multiple years of PE (see my history for how active I used to be in this forum).

I’m not sure if this would work, but when I get to a stage where I think my liver is within normal operating parameters I think I’m going to try this out, to get back to normal muscle size in an untrained state which would be the right time to hit the gym again, and also give my GF a ‘little’ surprise treat.

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Well, as someone with borderline liver disease (no question.. It was me - I’ve been drunk since 2007.literally quitting in about 2 hours) and wanting a larger penis, I’m quite curious to see your results.

Shiver are you going to use a dht cream ?

There might be something for some people.

Hi guys.
Got to make a presentation but for the sake of the thread I’ll get to it:
I’m on TRT (250mg test e / week) after a long process of denial and incompetent doctors. I had ED issues since I was 22 and just last year started TRT on my own.
As I am using exogenous testosterone I figured I might try using other AAS as well as HGH and HCG.
I cannot provide measurements nor anything, because I wasn’t worried about that at the time. But after 4 months on test/HGH/hcg my girlfriend (the same the last 8 years) swears it grew. Length and girth wise.
It is not a huge growth, but enough to be noticeable. Add to that , with trt my BF has gone down from 30 to 20 (and lower now) it looks bigger too.

Now. The important stuff : my testosterone levels were really low. About 120ng/dl (fda sets the minimum as 300ng/dl). I can’t be sure since when I had those levels.

Anyways.. My point is , aas/HGH or even hcg might work for PE but only with people with affected hormone levels. For a normal person it might only screw his HPTA and in extreme cases it might make the person need trt for life.

So, if you want to try, be sure to have a friendly doctor or some way to get orders for (a lot of) blood tests, and learn a LOT of AAS.
If not, better stay away. It is a sure bet you will screw your HPTA.

You probably recovered natural size, with your past hormone problems I’d bet nocturnal erections were bad and EQ was generally lower than it is. Add the fact you lost fat and this could give an obvious growth.

Most likely.

Thats why I try to reinforce this: it looks like it works , but only for those of us with a long term hormonal imbalance.

So, guys who usually had low testosterone for years and is now using HCG will get some increase in the penis?

Originally Posted by PlisskenSn
Most likely.
Thats why I try to reinforce this: it looks like it works , but only for those of us with a long term hormonal imbalance.

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I cannot speak for sure.

My particular case seemed to work that way.

I don’t care if it grows my unit. I just started taking it and the mood elevation from it is serious. An hour after the injection, I’m walking on sunshine.

If it makes my unit grow, I guess I can consider that acceptable.

I’ll let y’all know in a month. It will be hard to separate the effects of PE from the HCG, though.

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Originally Posted by Walter5169
You probably recovered natural size, with your past hormone problems I’d bet nocturnal erections were bad and EQ was generally lower than it is. Add the fact you lost fat and this could give an obvious growth.



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