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Has anyone tried the herbal drug Kava kava?


I use it every time I fly as I am a classic “white-knuckle” flyer and find I deal much better when I take some Kava. I have also heard it works well with arginine as it relaxes the blood vessel and hence better erections. I guess that sounds good unless you don’t fall asleep while having sex!

Originally Posted by twatteaser
I was told that GABA with Niacin taken along side it works very well. I can’t take Niacin cause it drives my uric acid into overload and I get all gouty.

Maybe I’ll check that out. But the thing about GABA is that is has to be taken on an empty stomach, and lately my stomach is never empty.

Have you noticed that as more doctors talk to you about the benefits of herbs and vitamins, more herbs are becoming illegal?(((I believe in conspiracy of systems, not conspiracy of people))). More people die from penicillin than ma hung.
which is outlawed. Anyone want to bet that you’ll be able to get ma hung or its chemical constituent by prescription one of these days.More people die from properly perscibed drugs in hospitals than from cigarettes ( assuming all cause of death of smokers are correct)- why don’t we ban properly perscribed drugs? The benefits outweigh the risks? who decides— why shouldn’t it be the person taking the risk. Its almost like someone other than the taxpayer spending the taxes.

MEANWHILE— I once read that kava kava was a topical aphrodisiac applied to the clit.However, the extraction method was different than what we have for extracts, and thus, the active ingredient is still locked up inside the root’s cell membrane.

As a science experiment,however, I used the non-alcoholic extract one day after a while of clit massage. A drop got an immediate response of excitement as clit rubbing continued.
When the gyrations stopped,another drop and she took off again. She reported no tinkle feeling, etc— claimed it was the temperature. However she never said it was hot or cold during each dropping, only wow or a moan. Don’t know if it’s repeatable.

Would like to know how to properly get the extract,though, since I have run across the root for sale in herb shops, and believe it or not, bulk food section in the supermarkets.


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