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Has anyone here take Prozac for ejac control?

Has anyone here take Prozac for ejac control?

I have read that Prozac as an SSRI its fairly weak compared to the other SSRI’s *but* some of its side effects are strong. Like how it can make orgasm difficult or even impossible for some people. Another “feature” is that it has a half life of anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks depending on how long someone has been taking it with 2 weeks of half life being the norm for someone who has been taking it for 5 weeks or more.

I guess doctors have prescribed 10mg to be taken daily for control of orgasm to some people but it takes weeks for the effects to fully kick in and unless ordering from overseas prozac doesn’t come cheap. Thing is I have also read that 20mg has prevented some people from even being able to reach orgasm! Personally I would prefer not ejaculating as opposed to too soon but a supplement that doesn’t have the kick of Paxil yet has the desired side effects would be pretty cool IMO. Paxil I have taken but if taken on a regular basis the delay to orgasm quickly wears off for me anyway.

I took an ssri for a little while. The delayed orgasm made me stop. Physical sensation was fine, but mentally sex just wasn’t as stimulating. It made sex more like a job I had to get done, I just did not like it. Some docs give it as an off label prescription to make sex last longer, maybe that’s a lower dose, or taken less often.

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Just a little update about SSRI’s and ejaculation control… I take phenibut in rather large quantites to get super aroused. Maybe its just me but when IT ake a few grams I get horney and aroused to no end. That with a “super viagra” and I am lusty lust lusty! Today was first time I tried a super viagra which is just 100mg of viagra and 60mg of a SSRI meant to help prevent premature ejaculation… I was not able to ejaculate but it hardly felt like a bad thing I loved it really. Trying and trying and trying to ejaculate was awesome. Problem with some people and SSRI’s IMO is that that have a hard time feeling good sex feelings when on them… when I take phenibut thats not a problem!

I have prozac and its a very long acting SSRI with weak depression “fixing” effects and strong ED side effects. I am going to test it just to see if I can get continuous ejaculation control and good feelings while having sex (even if it means I dont ejaculate… IMO ejaculation is overrated I would much prefer intimacy). I assume I will need phenibut to get into a strong sexy mood but thats not a problem =>

I have bad depression anyway because of a really messed up childhood and adult life so the prozac will be good for me and a win win soution IMO!

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I’ve been on a particular SSRI for several years now and can say it’s definitely changed my orgasms. I now ejaculate a up to 10 seconds before my orgasm, which doesn’t affect me too much because I’m multiple, just makes things much more slippery! Before getting on them I would come/ejaculate at the same time (which I’m assuming is true for most guys). Also I’ve found that I have much more pre-ejaculate. My wife doesn’t mind at all, she actually likes it this way because it keeps things lubricated while she’s blowing me and she’s always liked the taste, so all in all, a good thing.

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I took a 150mg venlafaxine once and it had what I would call “a strange effect” on me (for what I would expect from an SSRI). Rather than delaying my orgasm with every stroke I would feel the “pulsing” of an orgasm and often some ejaculatewould come out. I could stop and restart and with every stroke (materbating) I would feel the “pulsing” of an orgasm *unti*l I was running on empty then a *very-fast* shrinkage took effect and getting another erection was impossible for a few hours (normally I don’t even try to get another erection so this may not be so unusual for me). Even when flaccid I could feel the pumping action of an orgasm when trying to masterbate but there was no semen! The semen that did come out when I was erect was a mix of mostly clear watery fluid and thin whiteness rather than the fairly thick white semen like normal. An orgasm for me usually needs continuous masterbation to build up to an orgsm and then continuous masterbation to get all the semen. If I stop materbating for more than a few seconds I would have to buildup to an orgasm again.

Not recommending anyone try but one idea I had about this was that maybe this SSRI would be a good way for someone to get an orgasm for the purpose of insemination. Are there concerns with birth defects and men taking SSRI’s? (I know there are for women who take certain SSRI’s during pregnancy).

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