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Golden root complex pill

Golden root complex pill

Just wondering if anybody else out there has tried the golden root complex blue pill.

Seems to work for me.Any other experiences anybody?

When you say works for you; do you mean it works with premature ejaculation and/or anxiety?

Gets me hard

Originally Posted by powerlifter
Gets me hard

It gets you hard after ingesting it?
Something like viagra/cialis?
How long did it take to notice such effects?

Golden root is great for erectile dysfunction.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

There is another thread that says that Golden Root helps with anxiety and/or premature ejaculation. So does this stuff help with both ED and premature ejaculation?

I’ve been taking golden root, and it seems like an all around wonder herb. Helps blood pressure, anxiety, brain function, cardio vascular health, just about everything under the sun.

A new one I just started adding to my regimine with some interesting results is pomegranate. Like arginine, ups NO.

Golden root is a great all around herb, and a top 3 that I’d take.

Just started doing the pomegranate thing myself, mainly to try to help my blood pressure.

Originally Posted by powerlifter
Just started doing the pomegranate thing myself, mainly to try to help my blood pressure.

I’m ‘pre-hypertensive’. Typically, my blood pressure runs in the 135-125/75-65 range. I’m really trying to get it down a little, and have had some success through adding some herbs. Another good herb you can try is Cayene. I feel that it helped me drop my bp by about 3-5 points.

I also started taking some creatine. Have you noticed any blood pressure or any PE effects from Creatine?

Originally Posted by powerlifter
Gets me hard

Interesting. Could you please post the link to the product?

Kbvk for you

FLguy222:- I would,t worry about those readings for your blood pressue at all,there is no problem there, don’t mess with it.

Can you buy it in US?

Don’t Know

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